The Power of Branding: Choosing Your Displays and Packaging

The Power of Branding: Choosing Your Displays and Packaging

by Jamie Smedley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Branding your jewelry line affects your bottom line. It involves everything, from your presentation on a display to the packaging you send your customer home with. How?
She walks down the street; she is fashion savvy and ready to shop for jewelry. As she browses the windows of countless big and small jewelry shops, she is captivated by a small display in a corner-shop window of a small artisan jewelry store.

She stands entranced by what she sees. The brilliantly handmade jewelry appears to dance and perch on the stands, waiting for her to reach in her hand to play with it. She can't tell why, but the overall effect is tantalizing and inviting, so she goes into the store to see more and continues to peruse and be delighted with the luscious jewelry in the displays for another hour until she makes a decision to purchase a couple of her favorite treasures she finds.

But her shopping experience doesn't end there. The counter clerk whisks her selections to a side table and carefully wraps her purchases in fine tissues and keepsake packaging that is boldly emblazoned with the store's name in a scrolling decorative font. With a great flourish, she is handed her elegantly beribboned packages, and she walks out of the store with a face beaming with pampered enjoyment in her decision to come into this store. What a great find--and now it is her new favorite store because she feels like a part of the family and she is sure that she is now one of their favorite and best customers.

When she returns home, she carefully inspects her packages, once again awed and glowing with the amount of care and thought that went into the wrapping. Looking at the store's name in the fancy scrolling font, she remembers her journey to that inviting window and her adventures of exploring every nook and cranny of the store's displays. Her experience is relived every time she looks at the package or wears the jewelry, and every time she wears it she is asked where she purchased it, and she shares her story of the greatest little jewelry shop ever. She returns often, and brings her friends with her who will in turn share this experience with their friends ... and the family continues to grow.
This fictional story is a perfect example of the importance of branding through your displays and packaging.

Jewelry Displays

Having jewelry displays that are well suited and consistent throughout your store or booth is a great way to grab the attention and lure shoppers to explore what you have to sell. High quality displays are a true investment that enriches the shopping experience while adding to the perceived value of your jewelry. When shopping for displays, analyze the amount and type of space you have to work with. Situate the displays to get the viewer's eye on key items. Stands come in many colors and finishes, so you can choose colors and finishes that complement your jewelry. For instance, silver jewelry tends to disappear on a white satin background, but will look stunning on black velvet. Learn more in our ''Marketing with Displays'' article.

Keep your displays uncluttered to avoid crowding. A symmetrical arrangement is commonly used because the balance will allow the eye to flow through the arrangement. A display is an extension of your store, personality and brand, so you want to have a consistent look that coordinates with your packaging to create an unforgettable encounter.

Displays and packaging should coordinate and match. For instance, if you have black leather display stands, choose a black paperboard or black vinyl box. Including colored tissue paper, gift-wrapping and quality shopping bags is all part of the impression you give your customers about your personal style and how you can create a strong, recognizable brand identity. Get additional tips on how to ''Create Enticing Jewelry Displays to Attract Buyers'' with backdrops and displays.


Jewelry packaging design is another key part of the shopping experience. It is just as important as the product you carry. A beautifully-made business card placed inside a fancy cotton-filled box or gift bag is a good way of softly advertising to the customer. Including gently folded tissue paper and ribbons conveys the feeling that this is a "gift" for the customer. Some stores place lagniappe, an ''extra'' gift or keepsake, within the package to be discovered later by the opener.

For instance, one particular artist always includes a delicate dried leaf native to her area. Another business owner always uses a special sticker to seal the tissue paper. Used consistently, these small signature touches add perceived value and build loyalty and comfort with your brand. Your customer will come to expect and appreciate your consistent identity the more they shop with you.

Your product packaging should be consistent with every piece of jewelry you sell, because customers will notice even the smallest change you make to your packaging practices. A good guide to how much you should spend on packaging is one and a half percent of the total cost of the product.

For a quick and affordable presentation idea, use Tite-Lip™ storage bags that easily transition into professional-looking display selections. Tite-lip bags work wonders, since they're clearer and smaller than grocery store zip-style bags and you can simply attach them to fold-over display cards or hang tab to create quality packaging. Always make sure to match up the sizes correctly for a perfect fit.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has a wide selection of coordinating jewelry displays, organizers and presentation boxes. Pick and choose your favorites to create your own signature style.

Customer Comments

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