Love is in the Air

Courtesy of Swarovski

Celebrate Your Love

Crown it with a touch of eternity

You and your groom intend to celebrate your romantic reception surrounded by families and friends in a naturally charming country setting. For the ceremony you spotted a flowery arbour located in the backyard. Share your happiness by complementing your bride maids' outfit with a wonderful memory gift in vintage style jewelry pieces designed with Swarovski crystal. The girls may fix it on a lingerie like satin ribbon and tie them around the neck or wrap them casually around the wrist.


Praising the poetry of style

An enchanting dress, ethereal accessories and a wraith of field flowers underline the natural beauty of the sweet and charming bride. A soft pouch bag in powdery rose color is the perfect companion to her poetic outfit. It is decorated lovingly with self-made embroidery in beautiful fl oral motifs and folds like blossoms encrusted with sparkling crystals by Swarovski crystal.

Together Forever

Yes, I will!

In the wedding ceremony the moment of presenting the rings is a very special one. To highlight it, place them on the precious cushion made from cream white raw silk embellished with crystal embroidery by Swarovski crystal arranged in a cheerful leave pattern using powdery pastel colors. This precious accessory may as well be an inspiration for the maid of honour to present it as a gift to the bride.

Love Creates Magic Moments

Make them last forever

Whenever you open the photo album of your wedding day you will remember the moments of happiness you shared with your beloved. Render homage to your memories by embellishing its cover with Swarovski crystal. The mood of your celebration is delightfully captured in the style pattern of crocheted tendrils that in easy chain stitch curl to meadow flowers of sparkling crystals and soothing pearls sewn onto the envelope like dew drops.

Your Sparkling Day

Complemented by sparkling pieces

The noble and elegant outfit of the bride will be gracefully complimented with this precious collier that innovatively combines wiring and beading techniques. Its focus is in the centre piece of utmost beauty and style. The collier unites crystals and filigrees by Swarovski crystal to the astonishing effect of an inherited jewelry piece.

The Princess Hint of Glamour

Look like a star on your big day

The gracious hair comb adds style to the royal allure of the bride and her hairdo. It embellishes her head even after the veil is removed and lasts over the first dance till the ceremony ends. In this beautiful eye catcher refined wire curls and arches designed with Swarovski crystal swirling around each other gracefully come together to bring the high-end princess wedding look to perfection.

A Touch of Class

Stylish details accomplish the event

When the noble reception takes place in an elegant ambiance, refined tabletop accessory will add to the splendour of the celebration. Express your own fairy-tale wedding vision with high quality crystals by Swarovski crystal to create a table. The decoration with the crystal stands and napkins that complement elegant porcelain and silver cutlery none of your guests will ever forget.

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