Mother's Day and Mother's Day Rings

Mother's Day and Mother's Day Rings
by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Mother's Day is an especially meaningful day for jewelry designers, with Mother's Rings symbolizing the special connection with Mom. Let's explore the symbolism behind Mother's Day and jewelry.


Each of us knows a woman whose powerful influence has shaped our lives: who taught us to walk, to speak, to laugh, to strive, to love. So we search for some way to thank her for all the ways she has given from herself to shape us into the people we are.

While there have always been festivals and holidays celebrating mothers and motherhood, the modern Mother's Day was the result of a labor of love by Anna Marie Jarvis, in memory of her own mother. She celebrated the first modern Mother's Day in 1907, to commemorate her mother's death two years earlier. Seven years later, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation naming the second Sunday in May the official holiday called ''Mother's Day.''

We've celebrated Mother's Day ever since.

Bouquets and candy are common gifts for Mother's Day (as is lunch or dinner with Mom)--however, you can create a gift that is meaningful and long-lasting: the Mother's Ring.

The Mother's Ring was developed to show the connection between a mother and her children. Created from two wedding bands joined by settings holding the birthstones of each of her children, it is a symbol of the eternal nature of a mother's love. As our families grow more varied and complex, Mother's Rings have made room for the different ways a mother's love can be expressed.

A Mother's Ring with three settings can symbolize:
  • a mother's three children
  • a family--with the mother's and father's birthstones protecting the child's center stone
  • grandparents raising a grandchild--with all three of their birthstones in the ring
For mothers with more children, there are rings with settings from four to seven stones. There are mother's rings for any family configuration!

Mother's rings show the simplicity, beauty and endless variety of a mother's love for her children. Like families and mothers themselves, each comes with a remarkable story.

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