By Dianne Linderman
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My family and I are on a road trip to the city of Houston in the great state of Texas. One of our businesses is a company that supplies children's educational attractions to fairs, rodeos and events all around the country. As a true blue jewelry girl, I always spend some time looking at the incredible designs of other jewelry makers. On this trip, I found a small booth that had some of the most unusual and beautiful jewelry I had ever seen. These ladies had the corner of the market on ideas. They had taken some vintage color pictures, such as girls on horses from the 40s and 50s, and created square beads by placing them in a nicely shaped setting of sterling silver. They then strung crystal and pearl beads and added the handmade vintage setting as the center piece. I love vintage, so I fell in love with this jewelry.

The reason why I am sharing this story with you is because I want you to think outside of the box in every aspect of jewelry-making. These ladies not only found an unusual creation, but they found their market to sell. They primarily sell at rodeos. Think about your jewelry and what type of market it would fit into. If you are more artsy, then art shows would be a great place. I have received dozens and dozens of e-mails from my last article and the most asked question is: WHERE do I sell my jewelry? The answer is so simple, and usually right in front of your nose!

I have never been to a city or town where you could not find at least one craft show. Craft-type shows, farmers and growers markets, hotel lobbies, and other places where tourists frequent are the best venues ever to sell your craft. Why not have a jewelry party, invite friends, neighbors and especially men who will always be grateful for the opportunity to have a bunch of women help them pick out something beautiful for their loved ones? If you do have a jewelry party, serve great food and make it a real event. This type of venue is very personal, and people will love to be invited to your home.

Don't forget, when you are displaying your jewelry, your display should be as beautiful as your jewelry. If you don't present your jewelry professionally and with some finesse, you will not sell! People are moved by thoughtful presentations. When my brother and I were very young, we took great care setting up our jewelry table, and because we lived near the ocean, we used shells and driftwood to display our pieces on. If you live in the mountains, use pinecones or rocks. The more unique and thoughtful your display is, the more inspired the buyers will be. Jewelry is an emotional purchase, like art. People fall in love.

Until next time...don't be afraid to fail, just try one craft show. If you don't do well, look at what might have hurt your effort and adjust your style.

Happy Jewelry-Making!

Dianne Linderman

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Dianne Linderman talks about Everything That Matters... life, business, parenting and cooking. A counselor for troubled teens for 25 years, an award-winning author of children's books, and a serial entrepreneur owning everything from a nationally-renowned traveling petting zoo to a country gourmet restaurant, Dianne believes that in life we can have it all while keeping it simple.

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"Thank you so much for a great article. It was very eye opening to me and will definitely use that knowledge in where I sell and what I create also... Southern Starr Designs Jewelry thanks you."
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