Top 10 Host-Hostess Gifts for a Jewelry Maker

Top 10 Host-Hostess Gifts for a Jewelry Maker
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Here are some fun and fabulous suggestions, priced perfectly for host/hostess gifts and sure to please.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Gift Certificates 1. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' Gift Certificate "An All-Time Favorite"

This is the perfect solution to any gift-giving dilemma (especially if you're not that familiar with the host/hostess). Show your appreciation with a Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' gift certificate--and let them select something special. Simply order the gift certificate online, print it out and bring it with you to the party. You know they're guaranteed to like it!

Chain Sta Stabilization Solution 2. Chain Sta stabilization solution "Time-Saving Solution"

Let them know you value their efforts with this time-saving jewelry-making solution. It's just like having someone hold their bracelet/necklace for them as they work. They'll be able to easily design and add dangles to their chain and think of you every time they use it.

Bead Counters 3. Bead counters "Make it Count"

Make your thought count by gifting these handy, easy-to-use bead counters. They'll be able to count faster than ever with 4-piece sets for 3, 4, 6 and 8mm beads, available in black or white.

Bead Storage Solutions™ Work In Progress Tray™ 4. Bead Storage Solutions™ Work In Progress Tray™ "Never Miss a Beat"

Say thank you with a gift that ensures their jewelry-making never gets interrupted again (even for a dinner party). This genius 3-piece Work in Progress Tray set includes a three-strand flocked beading tray and transparent lid, which secures beads and supplies in tray without covering the design. This no-stress solution lets jewelry makers securely set aside a work in progress, knowing it will be waiting for them when they return.

Moonshine® Polishing Cloth 5. Moonshine® Polishing Cloth "Shine On"

Your thoughtfulness will shine when you gift a Moonshine polishing cloth. It's a simple way to say thank you and a very usable gift. Let them know it's designed for use with gold, silver, platinum, copper and brass--and yes, it works on utensils!

Need a Bead Now™ Totes 6. Need a Bead Now™ Totes "Beading on the Go"

These make a perfect presentation as is, or fill them with your favorite jewelry-making supplies for a fun gift opening. These multi-box organizers accommodate a multitude of supplies and projects for on-the-go beaders.

Mini-Pliers Set 7. Mini-Pliers Set "Just the Right Size"

It doesn't get much cuter than this! Show your gratitude with a travel-size pliers set that fits neatly inside beading totes and handbags. The included hard-shell case makes a nice presentation--no wrapping required.

Jewelry-Maker's Apron 8. Jewelry-Maker's Apron "Stylish and Functional"

You're sure to surprise your host/hostess with this hard-to-find soft and lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear, jewelry-maker's apron. They'll be able to fit everything in the double row of deep pockets and it's good for use in the kitchen too.

Beadable Tableware

Bottle stopper

9. Custom Bottle Stopper, Butter Knife and Letter Opener "Embellish and Gift"

Create your own unique gift with a customizable bottle stopper, butter knife or letter opener. Personalize for special meaning--and make your host/hostess' day!

Bead Stoppers™

10. Bead Stoppers™ "A Beader's Must-Have"

Ensure bead spills are a thing of the past for your host or hostess with these handy coils. The design is simple to use: just squeeze the end loops to separate the coils, insert the end of your stringing material into the space to secure and then release.

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