How to Promote Your Jewelry Business During the Holidays

by Ambyre Phelps, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

There's no time of year for selling jewelry like the holidays. Buyers are out in full force, looking for gifts and inevitably bringing home a few pieces for themselves. Promote your jewelry-making business during Christmas to capitalize on these seasonal opportunities. Whether you are a jewelry-selling veteran or starting a new jewelry-making business, the tips below give you some great ideas to help boost holiday sales.

How to Sell Your Jewelry

  1. Holiday Discounts
    Shoppers love a bargain! Send out holiday coupons or sale notices to your customers. When creating your displays, include a marked down basket with any slow-selling inventory you need to move. The end of the year is a great time to clean house and entice your customers with a deal.
  2. Jewelry-Making Kits or Classes
    Put together simple jewelry-making kits to offer your customers. Large-hole Dione® and finished cord make a beautiful presentation. Offer to teach a class at your work or church on making jewelry. Be sure to wear your own jewelry and bring business cards.
  3. Send a Holiday Card to Your Customers
    Let your customers know you value their business and that your jewelry line is perfect for their holiday shopping needs. A picture of your smiling face and/or one of your jewelry designs adds a personal touch. Don't forget your web address or other information on where to buy your jewelry.
  4. Wear Your Jewelry
    This is always a wonderful way to sell your jewelry. Enlist your friends and loved ones in wearing your creations to boost sales.
  5. Free gift-wrapping
    Keep cotton filled boxes and wrapping paper with you when selling your jewelry. Free gift-wrapping is a perk that holiday shoppers love.

    View the article ''Wrap Up Holiday Sales with Style'' for more gift-wrapping ideas.

Where to Sell Your Jewelry

  1. Jewelry Parties
    Holiday-themed jewelry parties are a great way to show your jewelry designs. Friends and family gather to shop your handcrafted lines and socialize. A little holiday music and some eggnog are sure to put everyone in the holiday shopping mood.

    See the article ''Boost Your Beaded Jewelry Sales Part 2: Home Jewelry Parties'' for more information on how to put together the perfect jewelry party.
  2. Online
    There are many websites that offer great tools for selling your jewelry. Use social networking sites like Facebook to let your customers know about new holiday lines or to advertise holiday sales. Link to your Etsy or other online shop to make it easy for shoppers to buy your jewelry. Customers love the convenience of online shopping during the busy holidays. See the article ''Grow a Name for your Jewelry Online'' for additional tips.
  3. Craft Bazaars and Other Local Events
    Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce to learn about holiday events where you can sell your jewelry. Many areas hold large annual craft fairs or flea markets where you can rent a booth. If you are willing to travel, look into surrounding areas as well. Many churches, schools and employers hold similar events.
  4. Local Retail Spaces
    Many retail spaces increase their consignment inventory during the holidays. Read the article ''Where to Sell Your Jewelry'' to learn more about creating a professional and eye-catching presentation.
  5. Trunk Shows at Workplaces
    Many full-time employees struggle to squeeze in their holiday shopping after work. By presenting a trunk show at a workplace, you give employees the opportunity to browse and shop on their lunch or break times. Give employees the chance to prepare for your convenient show by advertising in advance.

What to Sell

  1. Holiday Themed
    Holiday-themed jewelry is always a hit. Use traditional color schemes, or a bevy of clear Crystal Passions® to create a sparkling winter creation.

    Browse Christmas design ideas for more inspiration.
  2. Everyday
    Adorable snowmen earrings are sure to be a hit, but don't forget that your customers are shopping for gifts that will outlast the holiday season as well. Jewelry that can be worn year round is an important part of your inventory, and jewelry sets make great gifts.
  3. Stocking Stuffers
    Inexpensive earrings, stretch bracelets and curios are sure to be a hit with shoppers looking to fill stockings. Browse the Jewelry and Gift section for a selection of ready-to-wear items to supplement your handmade line.
  4. Birthstone Jewelry
    Birthstone pendant and earring sets are an easy and beautiful way to check someone off of a gift list. Keep a small attractive birthstone reference chart with your pieces so it's easy for customers to match stones with gift recipients.

    Learn about traditional and non-traditional birthstone options in the articile ''12 and 12 More: Alternative Choices for Birthstones''.

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