Cash in on the Add A Bead Phenomenon: The Dione® Add A Bead System

Design Idea A96J Bracelet

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Customers can't seem to get enough of the Add A Bead Systems and retailers are reaping the rewards of this phenomenon. Who knew that collectible beads strung onto silver bracelets would become the hottest jewelry ticket of the year? According to a recent article in Accessories magazine, ''the contemporary Add A Bead bracelet has replaced yesteryear's charm bracelet as the personalized must-have item, driving repeat business.''

Customers are flocking to retail stores where they can design their own Add A Bead-Style jewelry--selecting beads with special significance and building bracelets, necklaces and earrings for themselves or to give as gifts. And it seems that consumers are not concerned with price because it's so special to them, whether they're making a bracelet for Mother's Day, a new bride, a graduate or for themselves.

They are designing their own ''conversation pieces,'' showcasing personality, special events and life stories through beads. Due to the ease of use, customers can change the look of their pieces quickly, creating multiple designs while using the same base. And the best part is whether they are just starting a design or updating a current piece, this system keeps them coming back for more and more beads!

So how can you cash in on this hot jewelry trend? With the Dione Add A Bead System!

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is pleased to offer the Dione (dee-OH-nee) Add A Bead System, offering retailers and individuals alike an affordable jewelry system similar to Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi and Trollbeads, offering customers personalized beauty. Here's what you'll find:

The affordable Dione Jewelry System gives you the opportunity to offer a full line of Add A Bead jewelry minus the huge investment. Shop with confidence--there's no minimum order requirement and you can mix and match any items for big savings with All Assortable Pricing.

Ready to get started? Here's how it works...

1. Choose your necklace/bracelet or earring base.
  • View a helpful how-to tutorial on removing the ends on caprice chains ''here.''
2. Select your Dione large hole beads.
  • Choose from faceted glass, gemstones, a variety of metals and more!
3. Build it! This is the fun part, where you can build your own designs--here are some ideas:

  • Choose a color theme based on popular seasonal colors. View our free PANTONE® color forecasts for more information.

  • Select beads based on birthstone colors for special meaning. Here's a Birthstone beads and components guide.

  • Create holiday-themed jewelry or use school spirit colors for graduates.
It's a good idea to set up an ''Add A Bead'' wish list for yourself and others so friends and family know which beads to buy to add to ongoing collections. This is something you can easily offer in your retail establishment or set up your own personal Fire Mountain Gems and Beads' wish list here.

Don't miss out on the Add A Bead jewelry phenomenon--get started today with the Dione Jewelry System!

View more information on the Dione Jewelry System and products.