Jewelry Gifts: Fantastic, Fun and Frugal

by Jake Woolley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

You already have enough jewelry-making common knowledge and possess the creative skills to make incredible gifts that are fantastic, fun and frugal.

Everyone loves that feeling when giving a special gift, patiently watching as the recipient is blown away by the simple gesture. But let's face it, as much as we want to give our loved ones those sparkling jewelry items seen in department stores it's just not always practical.

Now's the time to spread your budget dollars and reap the rewards of making, instead of buying. Review the following tips and begin down a savvy path of holiday gift-giving bliss.

Incorporate ''Their'' Style

Each person has their own individual style, and your unique fashion sense may not work for others. Do your homework and take time to observe and figure out what they really want. Think as if they were designing the jewelry themselves, and then go from there. Once you have an idea of their ''look,'' personalize it.

Jewelry Gifts: Fantastic, Fun and Frugal

The term ''personalize'' gets thrown around a lot these days. We're not talking about simply engraving a name on the back of a charm, personalizing jewelry means that you've taken subtle characteristics or personality traits of the individual and incorporated them into the design. Such characteristics may be a birthstone, favorite color, delicate fabrics or aspects from their favorite movie, music or hobby. By adding subtle nuances to the overall piece the recipient will be astounded by how well you know them and your gift will contain that special one-of-a-kind quality. That kind of attention to detail can't be purchased; it must be uniquely designed by you.

Gather Inspiration

Make an effort to see what's popular in fashion and gives the instant appearance of a quality-made item. Just because you aren't buying a gift from a department store doesn't mean the quality or fashion sense should be less. There are hundreds of jewelry-making ideas online in the Gallery of Designs. Browse through these expertly-crafted examples to brainstorm your next gift-giving project. Look for distinctive features that give personalized jewelry a professional look. As you draw on the inspiration from industry leaders, expand on their professional techniques and taper those ideas into a look and feel that is personable and fits your budget.

Jewelry Gifts: Fantastic, Fun and Frugal

Make It Special

It takes a special quality to sit down and create a fine piece of jewelry all the while knowing that it will be given away. The energy to make something extraordinary for a loved one deserves the time to make it look as professional as possible. One of the main characteristics in a handmade gift is that it's an item to be cherished. If you've ever looked through a grandma's jewelry box, you'll often find items with special meanings, jewelry pieces she'd never sell no matter what the price. This heirloom quality is fitting for those of us willing to create, rather than purchase, because we feed off our own creativity and have a clear sense of personable style. Who knows, the bracelet or pair of earrings you give during the holidays may someday be passed down through family generations.

Jewelry Gifts: Fantastic, Fun and Frugal

Quality Gifts Need Quality Components

Ever notice the distinct difference between quality jewelry and bargain store knock-offs? It doesn't take an expert gemologist to feel the difference between suitable gemstones and lackluster imitation components that are bound to fall apart. There's a way to be economically sound while not skimping on quality creations. As you make gifts for special occasions, the value of the components will help it become priceless. The last thing anyone wants is for a gift to break within a few weeks.

For years Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has maintained its stature as an industry leader providing the best quality in jewelry components at wholesale prices. Plus with over 101,000 jewelry-making items you won't have to spend hours window shopping or exploring through cyberspace. As a smart shopper, you already know there's no need to empty your pocketbook while upholding the attractive integrity of quality components when they're easily available online.

Jewelry Gifts: Fantastic, Fun and Frugal

The upcoming holiday season is the perfect chance to discover the basic tradition of gift-giving by presenting artistic jewelry made with your own two hands. Although personal budgets may be impacted by an unstable economy, it's never too late to encounter that innate artistic ability and creative hands-on attitude. Give the gift of handmade jewelry and watch as the gesture of giving touches loved ones during this special season.

Since the holidays are almost here, view the Quick and Easy section of the Gallery of Designs for last-minute gift ideas.

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