Flight of the Bumblebee

by Jamie Smedley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Need a mental pick me up? Let the cheery bumblebee brighten your day with a happy buzz.

With the looming gloom of world events, people are searching for optimistic and resilient symbols, such as the hard-working and industrious bee, to incorporate into their life as a visual reminder to stay upbeat and give wing to their dreams.
Flight of the Bumblebee

The cooperation, determination and perseverance of these marvelous flying insects is an inspiring story. They search endlessly for the fragrant blooms, spreading pollen to make the world's flowers come alive with color. They joyfully bring all they have and all they are, back to share with their community in a remarkable network of collaboration. They create in people that take notice, an awareness to strive to do your best, reach for your goals with never-ending endurance until you attain your honey pot and share your rewards with those around you to make a better society.

One of the sweet rewards we gain from the bee is in the liquid amber that coats and soothes with a heady sweetness. Honey has been compared through the ages to the ultimate nourishment and comforting substance. The health benefits of honey, royal jelly and bee pollen are well documented.
Bumblebees, along with honeybees, are an interesting insect. They work together in a vast hive community with a central theme: survival. Bees really are a creature of contradiction because the aerodynamics of their body shape should dictate that flight isn't possible. Yet, they zip through the air in happy, meandering paths with amazing speed and grace searching for blossoms. Oh, we could learn a valuable lesson from them and not limit our possibilities or ourselves by what others say we cannot do.

Flight of the Bumblebee

Leading fashion magazines and accessory websites for summer 2011 are showing the bee adorning charm necklaces and long pendants on chain, charmed bangles, rings and earrings for a surprising, delicate decoration. Incorporate this look with bee charms on bracelets and earrings, links in necklaces, drops from chain and as earring dangles. Stack black and yellow beads together for a bumblebee-striped pattern. You can also incorporate honey-hues when you use acrylic, glass, crystal and amber gemstone beads to tap into this sweet summer trend.

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