Style Snapshot: Cocktail Rings

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by Robyn, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Many types of jewelry have withstood the tests of time, including the cocktail ring. Also known as dinner rings, cocktail rings surfaced between the 1920s and 1930s during a period of time known as Prohibition. During this era in America's history, alcohol was forbidden, so men and women would secretly meet at establishments known as a "speakeasies." The women who frequented these speakeasies usually dressed in high-fashion gowns and completed their wardrobes with stylish cocktail rings on their right-hand fingers. This later coined the phrase "right hand ring." These events made cocktail rings vastly popular and they soon became recognized as a status symbol.

During the "speakeasy" days, cocktail rings were typically oversized and set with precious or semi-precious stones in basic round, oval and square shapes. The large stones were inevitably expensive. Today, the cocktail ring is the perfect fashion accessory for any budget. Modern cocktail rings incorporate a variety of materials with settings from gemstone cabochons to Swarovski crystal and styles ranging from elegant to edgy. This popular fashion allows designers to create with a variety of shapes including flowers, animals and geometric forms.

With a high-class look and eye-catching appeal, celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez enjoy wearing cocktail rings during interviews and evening talk shows. The cocktail ring has also been seen regularly on runways all over the world from such designers as Versace and BCBG Max Azria and in popular fashion magazines including ELLE and Lucky.

Whether you are reaching for a celebrity look or just want a conversational right hand ring, the cocktail ring is a glamorous addition to every fashionista's wardrobe.

Creating Cocktail Rings

Accessories magazine email newsletter reported cocktail rings as "bigger and bolder as they make their way onto all hands this season." When designing a cocktail ring, determine the look and price point you want to achieve. Various materials can be used including cabochons set in ring settings, crystal chatons set in Apoxie® Sculpt, stretch cord with pewter spacer bars and metal clay, an arrangement of feathers adhered together as a focal, to name a few. The design possibilities are endless when creating cocktail rings, just remember, the general rule is--the bigger, the better! After all, cocktail rings were made to attract attention.

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