How Do Your Displays Stack Up?

How Do Your Displays Stack Up?
by Robyn E., Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Designed to let jewelry take center stage, your necklace, anklet, bracelet and earring creations will stand out against stackable velveteen displays. Whether you are setting up a storefront or traveling to shows, stackable velveteen displays are compact and nest easily for space-saving storage and transport.

When choosing your display, there are some things to consider. Keep lighting in mind and put effort into the layout of your exhibit. Well-lit displays appeal to the customer's eye, which will always attract positive attention and boost sales potential. Color is a large factor when using a display as it determines the visual presentation of your jewelry. Neutral backgrounds, including cream, white and light blue, appear subtle and professional, as well as make jewelry designs pop. On lighter backgrounds, darker gemstones and metals such as gold, gunmetal, copper and ''vermeil'' are ideal. Striking dark tones create a sophisticated look and enhance jewelry designs. With darker displays, lighter gemstones and metals like silver, gold and ''vermeil'' are the better choice.

If your product line has multiple jewelry types, velveteen displays will hold the various styles, yet flow together for a unified presentation. Stackable velveteen displays feature convenient settings for a necklace, bracelet and up to three pairs of earrings. Four holes are available in the center of the velveteen display for a variety of earrings styles, including fishhook and leverback, while ear studs can be placed in the set of holes above. The velveteen displays include flaps for a suspended look for bracelets. These flaps also double as grips for longer and heavier necklace designs. The subtle curve is specialized to simulate a neckline and provides a natural drape for necklaces.

Showcase jewelry for sale at eye level on exhibit boards in trade-show booths, store walls or window presentations by adding VELCRO® strips to the backs of the stackable velveteen displays. This allows spectators easy access and effortless viewing opportunities. VELCRO strips can also be added to the back of the display for extra support when holding bulkier necklaces. These velveteen displays also feature three double-hole access points for placement of fabric-covered wire or twist ties to secure length adjustment, accommodating every length and style.

Now that you have become more familiar with some of the basic characteristics of stackable velveteen displays and their versatile jewelry presentation, how do your current displays stack up?

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