10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

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by Robyn, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Hosting a holiday party doesn't need to be costly or overwhelming. Entertaining your close friends and family can be easy and enjoyable when you make handcrafted holiday party tableware and personalized DIY Christmas gifts.

Here are a few ways to host a successful holiday party and get everyone in the Christmas spirit using beautiful holiday party decorations and creative homemade gifts that take minimal time, money and effort.

Holiday Party Favors

'Tis the season to be giving, yet you don't have to go overboard with Christmas party gifts. In fact, most people find themselves spending more money than they'd like on gifts. This year, consider giving custom-made holiday party favors that double as gifts to offer special meaning while staying within your budget.
1. Personalize a memory with picture frames embellished with flat back crystals in your guest's favorite colors. Place a photo of your guest inside and use the picture frames as table place cards.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

2. Create dazzling beaded butter knives for each place setting using the Dione® Add A Bead System in colors that match your holiday décor or personalize them with your guest's birthstone colors.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

3. Customize handmade Christmas jewelry for guests by incorporating their favorite Christmas theme charms, shapes or colors into designs like earrings, pendants and rings.
Wine and Dine

For the wine enthusiasts on your guest list, present them with a wine to complement their taste or wet their whistles with these quick and wine-inspired gift ideas:
4. Send guests home with a bottle of wine elegantly wrapped in wine bottle covers.

5. Re-cork wine bottles in style with wine bottle stoppers. This eye-catching wine décor makes a functional holiday gift. Customize wine bottle stoppers or choose from a selection of ready-made designs to correspond with the theme of your party or your guest's personality.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

6. Wine glass charms are fun party favors for guests and their stemware. Using silver or gold hoops, add beads and wine or Christmas charms to match the holiday setting.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

Festive Decorating

Whether you're serving a full dinner or cocktails and appetizers, create a pleasing party atmosphere. Decorate with fun, festive and inspired touches.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts
7. Create handmade bows from ribbon to place on candlesticks, mantles and wreaths.

8. Beautify the table with a tablecloth and candle votives (and votive candle holders), each embellished with flat back crystals featuring quick and easy designs, such as candy canes, holly and bells. An elegant butter knife is a thoughtful gift.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

9. Decorate buffets and side tables with festive mini Christmas trees garnished with a variety of small Christmas ornaments.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts

10. Design napkin holder rings with gemstones, glass beads and pearls to accompany each wine charm for your guests' places at the table.

10 Handcrafted Holiday Party Gifts
Whatever your style, hosting during the holidays doesn't have to break the bank. The simplest of gestures is always well received and creating personalized handmade holiday gifts and decorations for your guests will make their experience memorable.

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