Using Facebook to Expand Your Client Base

Because most people have access to the World Wide Web, it is crucial for you to utilize this tool as a small beading business owner. Whether or not you're tech-savvy, creating a presence on the Internet is crucial to expanding your client base over time.

One of the most popular ways that more entrepreneurs are reaching out to clients and other businesses is through social networking. Websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Myspace are constantly changing the game when it comes to Internet marketing.

Facebook has quickly become one of the largest players in the social marketing world and on the Internet as a whole. Whereas people previously used the website on a personal level to connect with friends, Facebook now allows companies to create profiles as well. This provides entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to showcase their goods and services to customers.

Once you have created a Facebook page, you are on the right track toward attracting potential customers via the Internet. However, you need to invest the time and effort into your profile to make the most out of the opportunity. Here are a few features that you can take advantage of on Facebook to grow your client base:
  1. Photos. As a small beading business owner, customers likely want to see your products before buying them. For this reason, Facebook can be a great deal of help. The website allows users to upload photographs of items within their privacy policy that can help consumers get a better idea of goods for sale. Go crazy--the more jewelry you showcase, the more likely you'll draw attention from potential customers.
  2. Wall posts. This feature may seem like something reserved for people who are using Facebook on a personal level, but it can be helpful to small businesses as well. The wall post tool allows you to communicate back and forth with people who have friended you or added your page on the website. You can also use the status update option to post links to valuable information or additional photos of your goods. Of course, feel free to use it to inform clients of business news as well--people like being in-the-know, especially on Facebook.
  3. Applications. Although many people think of Smartphones when apps come to mind, Facebook has become a breeding ground for programs that can assist users. Some applications may allow you to post polls and surveys on your page, which can help you collect feedback as your company grows. There is no reason to shy away from using these tools, but make sure you read all of the terms and conditions prior to installing them on your profile and computer.

Facebook can help reach out to potential customers

Once you have learned more about the different features on Facebook, you can begin to create a strategy. Developing a plan on how to utilize your social networking profile can make sure you don't waste you're time and effort. The overall goal is to expand your client base.

"Frequently interacting and making that interaction valuable for the customers [is key]," Howard Greenstein, social media strategist and president of the Harbooke Group, told "Give them a reason to come back to the page, not just a reason to 'Like' [your page] in the first place. That's what's going to help you turn those people into fans, and fans into customers. If they're already customers, turn them into evangelists for you--people who are going to go out and sell on your behalf."

When it comes to using Facebook, there are a few do's and don'ts for small businesses, just as there are for people who use it on a personal level:
  • Use tags. Although you might seem like you're excessively promoting your company, tagging followers in your posts is a good way to grab their attention. Facebook allows you to tag people in everything from photos to status updates.
  • Create a welcome page. Facebook allows users to set their default page to a tab other than their wall if they choose to do so--take advantage of this opportunity. Instead of viewing the latest status updates and comments on your wall, visitors will be able to see a page full of information relevant to your small beading business.
  • Post status updates and send messages wisely. Oftentimes, Facebook users are bombarded with a series of messages and posts from their friends. Unless your company is announcing breaking news, don't hassle your followers with messages or status updates. Chances are they won't read them and you will water down your reputation over time. Instead, allow visitors to comment freely on your wall and send you messages on any questions or input they may have.

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