Exporting Your Beaded Jewelry to Customers Far and Wide

Whether you're operating your beading business from the comfort of your own home or at an office location, you may want to consider giving consumers the option to have your goods shipped to them. If this is the case, you will need to do a little extra planning as an entrepreneur to make sure business transactions run smoothly.

The first step toward beginning the shipping process is determining which method of transportation will work best for your company. This will depend on whether you are allowing domestic or international purchases as well. For instance, you will most likely need to use air transportation services at some point if you wish to ship your goods out to consumers abroad.

However, there are other localized options that might be available to you if you're interested in working with clients within your country. One of these is the railroad system. Although it may seem too traditional, trains are still one of the most efficient ways that companies are getting their goods from one area to another. This can be an especially optimal method for you if you intend on shipping a large amount of goods at once to a certain destination. However, Inc.com notes that transportation via train can take up to seven days across the country.

Another method that you can use to transport a large amount of goods is tractor trailers. This can be especially helpful if you intend on sending a series of deliveries to a certain area of the country. However, new safety standards have pushed trucking companies to increase their prices to comply with regulations and pay their drivers. It may be quicker than transporting by train, but one tractor trailer trip can cost you thousands of dollars.

Lastly, you can consider delivering goods via plane. Air carriers are one way to safely deliver your products to consumers in a short amount of time, and it also gives you an opportunity to reach out to clients overseas. Costs are based on the items you are shipping and weight. Also, you may run into trouble with the shipping regulations of other countries, but this can easily be avoided by doing your research beforehand.

Once you have decided on how you want to ship your beaded jewelry, the next step is to find a carrier that you know you want to work with. Before deciding on one company, most carriers allow you to participate in a trial run to determine if you want to sign a long-term contract. However, you may have to try for off-peak seasons to cash in on these deals.

One question to ask your carrier is which types of freight they specialize in delivering. Not all companies are suited to handle delicate products, such as beaded jewelry. Be sure to consider this before inking a deal with a carrier to save yourself the time and hassle later.

Next, find out which regions the company can ship to and how quickly they can get the job done. As previously stated, an air carrier would mostly be a faster option than a rail company. However, it might cost you more money to utilize this option.

It is also important for you to determine how the company handles unexpected situations, such as natural disasters and emergencies during the transportation process. This will give you peace of mind, knowing how your goods will be handled in the event of an accident.

Once you have determined the company that you wish to do business with, it is important for you to ask for your account history as you go along to keep tabs on operations. This will also prevent you from falling victim to unexpected charges in the future. Many carriers have surcharges and fees that apply for certain deliveries. Check with these companies for the conditions before shipping a product and ask to for updates on any changes pertaining to fees.

Entrepreneur.com recommends utilizing tools that can help you estimate shipping costs prior to sending your jewelry to a customer. Oftentimes, carriers will have these options available to clients and the public alike to determine fees prior to shipping. It can be an effective way to maintain your finances as you ship your goods out to consumers far and wide.

Before shipping a product internationally, make sure to do your homework. Not all airports around the world allow the same goods into their countries as the U.S.. Double-checking with these details can help you make sure that you don't find yourself paying for any unexpected charges in the future.

Outsourcing your goods is a big step as an entrepreneur. However, allowing customers to purchase your jewelry from wherever they are located can help your beading business grow.