Preparing to Apply for an SBA Loan

Once you have begun creating the business plan for your beading company, you will start to get an idea of how much funding you need in order to get your ideas off of the ground. Although many amateur entrepreneurs prefer to borrow money from loved ones and banks, the U.S. Small Business Administration offers loans to individuals who are embarking on a career in the industry.

In order to apply for a loan from this government organization, you will need to prepare a series of documents for submission, according to the SBA. You will also have to submit an extensive amount of information based on your background in the industry, in addition to personal data.

There are different formats you can use when applying for an SBA loan. To determine which format is best for you and your small business, you can contact a professional lender for an advice. An expert will help you determine how much funding you need and what is a reasonable amount of money to borrow for the initial stages of your business.

Many entrepreneurs believe that they are experienced enough to apply for an SBA loan, but it does not hurt to get a second opinion from a professional. Discussing your decision with an expert can provide you further insight into the risks, according to the SBA.

You will be required to pay the loan over time.

When you are ready to apply for a loan, you should be prepared to create an extensive cover letter to provide the lender with an overview of your small business. In this document, include details on who you are, your past experiences and how your goods can benefit consumers. Remember to specify how you plan on repaying the borrowed money over time as well. If a lender does not believe that you have the ability to repay the loan, you will likely be denied.

You should also prepare for the lender to ask you for an extensive history of your company. If you are new to entrepreneurship, list details on what you would like to accomplish as a small business owner. Include information on where you plan on locating your company, the type of services you are offering and data on your competitors.

Although you will not have any data on revenue and expenses as a new small business owner, include projections in your application. This will give the lender more insight into how you plan to repay the loan and if your strategy is feasible.

If you have already hired members of management, make sure to inform the lenders of your business partners as well. Include their resumes as a part of your application.

The initial process of filling out forms will require you to demonstrate how you plan on repaying the loan from the SBA. All lenders ask this question to gauge the risk of approving borrowers for certain loans. In an application, you may only be required to provide a brief statement. However, try to include cash-flow statements and any documentation of your budget to help the lender rate your responsibility.

Both business and personal financial statements from events leading up to the application might be requested by the SBA. Lenders occasionally ask for this documentation to back up your statement in regards to how you plan to repay the loan. To make sure your credit is in good shape and you have no outstanding debt, try to pay your bills on time for at least six months leading up to the application process. A lender may dig deep back into your repayment history to determine the validity of your statement.

If you have already begun your beading business and you are seeking an SBA loan for further financial assistance, include projections as a part of your application. This should include earnings, expenses and how you came to these estimates. Explain your methodology in detail to get rid of any skepticism from the lender.

Depending on the format you choose for your SBA loan, you might also be required to submit the following items:
  • Contracts
  • Copies of licenses
  • Your lease
  • Any purchase agreements
  • Letters of reference and intent
  • Any partnership agreements
  • Franchise and purchase agreement
These items may vary, but you should be prepared with the proper documentation in the event that the lender asks for these forms. By coming into the situation with everything you need in hand, you can speed up the application process for an SBA loan. In turn, this means that you can have the funds you need sooner to make adjustments to your new small beading business.