Launching a Beading Business Website and Maintaining it Over Time

Whether you choose to solely operate your beading business online or through a storefront, you'll want to create a website for your company that can contribute to its success over time. However, this is often easier said than done.

If you're unfamiliar with web page designing and the basics of the Internet, it can be difficult for you to create a site that caters to your target audience, even if you're familiar with their wants and needs. However, not all is lost for entrepreneurs who aren't tech-savvy. By hiring a professional designer, you can have the web page you want and begin to draw customers through the Internet.

Having an eye-catching online storefront can help you reel in more consumers to your site, but how will you get them to stay? It's a well-known fact that web surfers have a short attention span, which means that customer retention on your site is crucial to making the most of your page. has a few pointers when it comes to fine-tuning your beading business website:
  1. Take the time to snap vivid photos. As a jewelry entrepreneur, it's more important than ever for you to showcase your goods through high-quality photos, especially on your website. This page will give you a platform to display your talents and products to the entire World Wide Web. Think of all of the potential clients that may be visiting your page!

    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even if a digital camera is a costly investment for your beading business, think of the payoff over time. Customers who can envision your jewelry on themselves may be more inclined to make a purchase. Pictures are also a great way to get website visitors to stick around for more than just a few seconds.

  2. Update your website as your company grows. Many entrepreneurs think they're done once they write off the check to their website designer and the page goes live. However, running a site is a full-time job that doesn't start once it's launched. It's important for you to realize this as a beading business owner to make the most of your investment over time.

    Idealistically, you will want to update your website every two to three months to showcase new products and services. This will also let your customers know that the page isn't idle, which may get them to visit it more frequently to make note of the changes. If you have sales or new jewelry, you can update your website prior to the two to three month time span.

  3. Make it functional. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs put too much interest in adding eye-catching features and quirky designs to their website, which can be more distracting than helpful. While it's important for your page to be engaging, you don't want it to be too much for the average internet user to handle.

    When working with a professional designer or creating the site yourself, it's important for you to make functionality a priority. If people find it difficult to navigate your website, chances are they won't be returning. Think quality over quantity--the practicality and versatility of your site is worth more than how many pages you have up and running.

    Once you have mastered the basics of creating an effective website, your goal will become sustaining this functionality. If you let your obligations to your web page fall by the wayside, it will show in the drop of visitors. says there are a few ways that you can easily maintain your website over time.
First, think "scan-ability" when you're updating your website. This means that everything should be simple to read and furthermore, it should be easy on the eyes. Consider using lists and large font for customers who only intend on spending a few minutes on your website to see what's new.

Invest some time in making the writing on your page intriguing as well. Although it may seem like a tedious concern, good writing can go far when it comes to the Internet. Even if you only have a few blurbs on your website, take the time to make these sentences creative and engaging.

Because you're selling jewelry, it's important to make sure customers have a clear picture of what you're offering over the internet. Although it can be difficult to convey your message, a few unique adjectives can help propel sales for your pieces.

It may seem like an endless project, but launching a website and maintaining it over time can potentially increase your client base and success.