Creating an Interactive Blog For Your Beading Business

As a beading business owner, you might ask yourself: why do I need a blog? However, some of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that customer retention is all about staying connected every way you can - this means utilizing every opportunity that the internet gives you.

The best thing about the Internet is you have everything you need at your fingertips. Anyone can start a blog online, but whether you're willing to pay for a domain name and professional design is up to you. There are a number of free options available to the everyday internet user and entrepreneur alike, such as Blogspot and Wordpress. The choice is up to you, but getting started is the first step toward establishing your beading business' presence in the blogosphere.

After you sign up for a blog, you're at liberty to do whatever you want with the page. However, it's what you choose to write and post that will be the key to its overall success. Widening your presence on the internet can help you gain customers and sustain your overall bottom line. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that your efforts in blogging pay off:
Creating an Interactive Blog For Your Beading Business
  1. Update frequently. One of the easiest ways to lose the interest of readers is to stop updating. Nothing shows your apathy more than failing to deliver on a regular basis, and what's the point of promoting your blog if there's never any new content?

    If you spend the money to professionally design your blog page and use a specific domain name, you'll especially want to make sure that you're using your account to the full potential. Even if you can only afford to write one or two paragraphs a day, a little something is better than nothing. The goal is to keep your readers and clients in the loop, even if you feel that it's a frivolous waste of time.
  2. Link to related content. One of the best ways to get people coming back to your blog is to make sure that it's interactive. A viable option is to link to content that may be of interest to your customers. For instance, if you're talking about a specific type of bead, add a link that redirects visitors to a website where they can find more information on its history.

    Although it may seem like you're going a little overboard, your customers will appreciate the extra effort. If readers know that they'll continuously be able to find valuable information through your blog, they'll be more likely to visit it, and may even recommend it to others.
  3. Use tags in every post. In order to drive traffic to your blog, it's important for you to tag every post to attract people who may stumble upon it through search engines. This means including keywords that web surfers are likely to search for on a regular basis, whether it's "jewelry," "beading," "necklaces" or "bracelets."

    It can be easy to forget to add these tags on your posts, but usually the blog website will save keywords to make it easier for you each additional time you post. Remembering to tag every time you update can increase the amount of visitors that come to your blog on a regular basis.
  4. Incorporate pictures into your posts. It's important for your customers to know what you're selling, even if they are just visiting your blog from another part of the country. As a beading business owner, you may benefit even more from offering pictures of your goods.

    Because you're selling jewelry, consumers will want to have an idea of what your products will look like on themselves, whether it's a bracelet or a necklace. Posting pictures of your jewelry can give clients the reassurance they need to go ahead with a purchase. Even if you don't have a degree in photography, you can easily post pictures of your goods to your blog using an everyday digital camera. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. Link to your other internet accounts. To make the most of your blog, don't be shy about linking to your other internet websites, whether it's your Twitter page or Facebook account. This will let your consumers know that you're serious about getting their business.