Preparing Your Beading Business for the Holiday Shopping Season

Now that fall is upon us, many entrepreneurs are thinking about the biggest shopping season of them all, beginning on Black Friday. Every Friday following Thanksgiving, consumers head out to the stores to snag the best deals on gifts for their friends and family. Many people are even willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to cash in on sales that are limited to Black Friday, making this a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs to give their bottom lines a boost.

However, making a profit from this big shopping day is not as easy as it seems. Because all retailers are attempting to cash in on Black Friday, you'll have to create a way to stand out from the rest in order to make the most of the opportunity. says there are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to ensure that you're not only sustaining your bottom line, but attracting more customers this holiday season.
  1. Build customer loyalty early. Customer retention should be a priority for you throughout the year - not just during the holiday season. reports that a 2008 survey conducted by the National Retail Federation found that 40 percent of consumers start their gift shopping prior to Halloween. By making customer retention a focal point for your company, you can ensure that you'll at least be able to maintain sales during the holidays, if not increase them.

    One way to improve customer loyalty is to offer special discounts to those who return to your beading business throughout the year. This means providing bargains and coupons to consumers who repeatedly shop with you, even if it's just 10 percent off of standard prices. If you want to get your customers involved, consider creating a special newsletter or email list to provide discounts to those who want to stay in the loop.

    Another perk in investing in customer loyalty is that you may be able to gain more consumers through word of mouth. If your clients have positive experiences with your small beading business, they may recommend it to their friends and family, especially during the holiday shopping season.
  2. Focus on your website for the holiday season. It may seem like a frivolous concern, but taking the time to spruce up your website before Black Friday can do wonders for your bottom line. This may mean adding a few holiday-themed designs and advertisements to reel in web surfing consumers. However, taking the time to do so can be the difference between making an extra 50 sales this season or 500.

    When revamping your business website for the holidays, it's important to think about the keywords you're using to attract customers. While "holiday" and "gifts" are a couple of easy ones, think about what your customers may type into Google. Don't leave out "beading" or "sale," as well as anything else that you think your clients may be searching for. Search engine optimization is everything when it comes to driving traffic to your website, and it's even more important during the gift-giving season.
  3. Spread the cheer onto your social networking accounts. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, it's crucial to make the most of your social networking opportunities during the holidays. Oftentimes, small businesses offer special deals and discounts through their social networking pages and consumers will likely be going to yours in search of similar sales.

    Unlike your small beading business website, there isn't an immediate need to revamp the look and feel of your social networking accounts to cater to the holiday season. However, it's important to redirect people to your fresh website from these pages to drive traffic to your online storefront, which is essentially what will bring in the additional sales. Don't forget to regularly update your social networking profiles with new holiday deals and discounts that may be worthwhile to your gift-shopping customers!
  4. Add perks that may appeal to your consumers. Even though it may seem like you're losing out by doing so, giving your customers special added bonuses can help you starkly increase the amount of sales you receive during the holiday season.

    Consider offering free shipping to your clients for instances in which they spend more than a set amount. You can also provide coupons and special discounts to consumers who spend a certain amount of money at your company. The best part about these perks is that your clients will remember them well beyond the holiday season. This means that they will be likely to return to your beading business in the future and recommend it to their friends.