Understanding the Benefits of YouTube for Your Beading Business

Even though you might not be the most web-savvy entrepreneur in the industry, it's important for you to use the tools and resources available to you online to boost your sales. You might not think the target audience of your beading business is interested in the Internet, but the fact of the matter is almost everyone is participating in these key websites in the Digital Age: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry have made it a point to learn how to get over their camera shyness and broadcast their goods over the Internet, specifically through YouTube. This free video streaming website allows everyone from the stay-at-home mom to the experienced corporate executive to express their opinions online.

There are a couple of ways you can increase sales and attract customers through YouTube, and one of them is by hosting online ads. Although it might be difficult to see yourself promoting your product on a computer screen, pushing yourself to gain some confidence and do it can pay off, according to Entrepreneur.com.

"YouTube boasts over two billion daily video streams and a hundred million unique monthly users in the U.S. alone," John Arnold writes for the news source. "It also offers the ability to narrow the options and target viewers using ad demographics, geography, language, interest categories, keywords and video-content categories. And you can target ads to individual videos and channels if you know exactly what your potential customers are watching."

There are two main types of ads that you can host on YouTube. The first one is the in-video. This means that a banner will be displayed while an individual is watching a video on the website, which can link them to your beading business' page or your own YouTube channel.

The other type is the in-stream ad. These are videos you come across while watching a clip and cannot be skipped. Oftentimes, they are at least 15 seconds long and give you the opportunity to advertise your business' goods and services. As the smartphone industry continues to evolve, mobile in-stream ads are growing in popularity.

When it comes to developing an advertisement video for your beading business, there are a few dos and don'ts. First, make sure you are audible to your viewer, but not in a way that will blow their ear drums. Keep eye contact throughout the clip to reach out to the viewer on a personal level and increase the chances of them remembering you. If the glare of the lens is bothersome to you, there are a few tricks you can utilize.

"Keep your head moving and animated, just like you would in a conversation with another person," Keir Thomas writes for the news source. "Nobody said you have to look square-on at the camera all the time. You can turn your head to three quarters to give a sideways glance, you can frown slightly (if the script calls for it), you can raise your head while you smile, and so on. Such head movements will also make videos more naturalistic and, therefore, compelling."

In addition to performing well in the video, it's also important for your set to be perfect. This means having adequate lighting so your viewers can see you. Try to keep the camera steady and use daylight if possible.

Prior to uploading your video onto YouTube, make sure you take as much time as necessary to edit your clip. It's important the clip looks as professional as possible to make sure viewers take you seriously and you're not just wasting your advertising money.

If the idea of posting a clip doesn't strike your interests, there are other ways that you can use YouTube without stepping in front of a camera, according to SmallBizTrends.com.

"The thought of having an account at YouTube (and a channel) is scary for many, even intimidating," Travis Campbell writes for the website. "Good news, you don't have to produce your own videos to have an active social experience on YouTube. Indeed you should eventually overcome your fears and publish videos so you can connect with your market, but you don't have to start there."

Create an account to "favorite" or share posts with clients from users whom you find interesting. Feel free to comment on clips that you find intriguing in order to generate conversation on the website. Developing a presence online can help your beading business grow over time by spreading the word about your goods and services. Social networking can become one of the easiest ways for you to reach out to potential clients.