Establishing Connections with Clients and Other Small Businesses

One of the most important aspects of successfully operating any small business is the relationship that entrepreneurs have with their clients and customers. Those who have a hard time networking, whether it's due to a lack of effort or skills when it comes to making small talk, will find it more difficult to get their business off of the ground.

Small beading business owners need to put forth the effort to make connections with other people in the industry for a number of reasons. These entrepreneurs already have steep competition from large jewelry companies and it's important to attempt to gain an edge through word of mouth. By establishing strong relationships with manufacturers, distributors and customers, small beading business can increase their chances of sticking around in the field, regardless of the competition.

Whether you have trouble communicating with your clients or people who help you manufacture your goods, it's important to tackle these issues sooner than later. There are a few key mistakes that amateur entrepreneurs tend to make that can hurt them in the future, but honing in on these issues can prevent them from making a dent in your productivity.

First, many small business owners are quick to assume that people (both clients and other industry workers like) are interested in their needs, according to While this might not necessarily be false, it's never a good idea to assume that others are looking to help you right out of the gate.

If you're in the midst of a problem and looking for quick help through networking and reaching out to other industry experts, remember that your issues are your own - although some people might be willing to help, no one else is responsible for your problems. recommends showing compassion toward your contacts before expecting help or sympathy.

When it comes to forging lasting relationships with others in order to create a go-to network, it's important to avoid handing out your business cards on a whim. The chances of every recipient giving you a call or picking up the phone for you when you need help are slim - increase these odds by creating a group of a select few individuals that you want to establish lasting relationships with. Think about ways that you can keep your list of valuable connections small, yet strong and reliable.

Once you are able to identify potential pit falls that come with establishing a solid group of contacts, you can learn to use common networking tactics to your advantage. One way that you can make sure you have a strong relationship with both your clients and other people in the industry is by communicating frequently, according to

This doesn't just translate into sending these people your promotional pamphlet every month. In order to make sure you don't fall out of contact with your network, consider sending out helpful information through a newsletter or brief email. This will remind individuals of who you are in addition to giving them an opportunity to stay in contact with your small beading business.

To continue to build your group of contacts and show others that you're still interested in staying in the loop, don't forget to sign up for expos and conferences. This is one of the easiest ways to catch up with your connections and let others know what you're doing to better your small beading business.

In addition to getting your name out there, conferences and expos also give you the opportunity to gain insight into what other small business owners in the industry are doing as well. In turn, you can take a few helpful hints from your competitors and potentially turn them into tactics that can benefit your own company.

When it comes to nourishing your connections with clients, do your best to make customer service and satisfaction a priority, even when the going gets tough and you're financially struggling. Showing that you're ready and willing to help with problems can improve your customer retention rate and maintain your overall bottom line.

Don't forget to use the free resources available to you when it comes to networking and communicating with others as well. While your marketing team may be a reliable go-to source, there are other ways that you can do a little to help yourself. For example, hop online and create a profile for your small beading business on Facebook and Twitter. This will help you reach out to potential clients and also let other industry experts know what you're up to. Try to keep your official website fresh and full of helpful information for visitors as well. Utilizing these tips will help you create a reliable network of connections.