Using LinkedIn to Stay Connected to Other Beading Business Professionals

When people think of social networking these days, websites such as Facebook and Twitter typically come to mind. However, there is a game-changer that is helping small beading business owners make a name for themselves in the industry: LinkedIn. Although this social networking website is primarily used by people who are interested in showcasing their experience and resume, it is also an ideal place for companies to let visitors know exactly what they do.

LinkedIn allows people to make connections with everyone from coworkers to old college friends, but there is a more of a professional tone to it compared to other social networking websites. Many people like LinkedIn because it allows them to keep in touch with past employers and references, and gather recommendations from coworkers. In a time when having a presence on the Internet is crucial to job hunting, LinkedIn can become a valuable tool.

But how could LinkedIn benefit beading business owners? In several ways, according to Guy Kawasaki, who wrote a blog post on the social networking website.

First and foremost, LinkedIn is an effective way for entrepreneurs to stay in contact with clients as well as other companies in the industry. Similar to websites such as Twitter and Facebook, business owners can also post status updates to their LinkedIn profile. This is an easy way to keep your company at the front of your connections' minds on a regular basis.

LinkedIn also allows users to write recommendations for their connections as well as receive some of their own. If you're a beading business owner, this can be extremely beneficial when it comes to gaining notoriety for your company through word of mouth. Kawasaki writes that having clients compose recommendations for you can have positive benefits. Similar to reviews for products on retail websites, recommendations can give page visitors insight into what you do well as a beading business. Even if they don't come to you for your services, they may suggest you to a friend.

If you're interested in staying in the loop when it comes to the beading and jewelry-making industry, LinkedIn can help you out. By staying connected with other industry professionals, you'll get an idea of the types of things that interest them. In many cases, you'll be able to see which conferences and expos they are attending, which can become even easier if you join LinkedIn groups. As an entrepreneur, these valuable tips can help you stay ahead of the game.

It's important to remember your LinkedIn profile can be a go-to place for other industry experts and consumers alike to learn about your business. You can use your LinkedIn to share content from your other social networking profiles or your personal blog. The more you take advantage of these communication opportunities, the more likely you are to increase your chances of gaining consumers over time.

BusinessInsider reports that you can also use your LinkedIn profile to advertise goods and services. One of the biggest advantages of using social networking sites of any type is that they are typically a free form of marketing. On your LinkedIn account, don't be afraid to showcase new jewelry or get the word out about a special sale.

Remember that communication is two-way street on LinkedIn, just as it is on other social networking websites. You might be great at remembering to post regular status updates, but are you reading updates from your connections? It's important to nourish these relationships by commenting on other status updates or posts from time to time. This will not only show that you're active on your account, but that you're genuinely interested in what your clients and other companies have to say.

There are a number of resources available to entrepreneurs now on social networking websites to help keep track of everything from page views to demographics. As a beading business owner, you know how important it is to stay on top of data--this can help you make the necessary adjustments to your company and prevent a fall-out in the future.

One of the most useful tools on LinkedIn is the ability to see who has viewed your page. Entrepreneur magazine states that you can utilize this information to potentially drive more business. By knowing who is keeping tabs on your small beading business, you can directly market toward these individuals and gain more customers in the future.

Although it may take time to learn the ins and outs of social networking websites such as LinkedIn, the pay-off can be big in the form of more clients and a healthier bottom line.