How to Make Money Selling Everyday Jewelry™

How to Make Money Selling Everyday Jewelry™

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Want an easy way to earn extra money doing something you love? Put your jewelry-making experience and product knowledge to work for you by hosting Everyday Jewelry parties. Available exclusively at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, the Everyday Jewelry collection gives you the opportunity to buy jewelry, similar to jewelry styles currently found in department stores, for pennies on the dollar. Then you can pass along these savings to family, friends and others by hosting fun (and profitable!) jewelry-making parties.

Party guests will love the stylish glass-spoon pendants, Murano-inspired and lampworked foil glass beads, designer glass pearls, chunky chains and more. With new styles being added regularly and easy re-ordering, this collection gives you the satisfaction of selling something you're passionate about for easy cash.

Here's how to get started ...

Plan the Party
  • Create the Guest List: Brainstorm friends and family you would like to invite to your jewelry party. It's always fun to host a party for work friends, fellow church members, mom's groups, etc. Depending on the location, usually 10 - 15 people make a great amount of guests for a party. Keep in mind you can also advertise to host parties for others as well.
  • Choose a Theme: You may want to have a holiday or themed party, such as Christmas, Valentine's, wedding, tropical vacation getaway, etc.
  • Send Invitations: It's best to send invitations two weeks prior to the event and request an RSVP by a particular date. Be sure to include information about the jewelry party, such as "Shop over 50 styles of jewelry priced as low as $9.99 per piece." Or let people know it will be a fun evening of jewelry, style and yummy snacks. As a friendly reminder, you will want to contact your guests a day or two before the party to let them know you are looking forward to seeing them at the event.

    You may want to consider using an email-based invitation service such as, which allows you to easily design invitations and sends out party reminders automatically. Party Tip: A good way to have more people come to your party is to ask your guests to bring a friend!
Order the Jewelry

Here's the fun part--it's time to shop! Keep your audience and/or party theme in mind and select a wide variety of jewelry pieces and accessories from the Everyday Jewelry collection. The idea is that you are purchasing "samples" for people to admire, try-on and place orders from. Here are tips to ensure a good product mix for the party:
  • View the Jewelry-Making Trends and free Color Forecast Guides to see what jewelry styles are hot for this season and beyond. Visit departments stores or websites such as Chico's, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Brighton and more to see what type of jewelry is currently being featured, as you will be able to find similar styles in our Everyday Jewelry collection for less.
  • Keep the season in mind; for example, you may want to incorporate brighter colors and lighter materials into a spring/summer party.
  • Offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more since different people prefer different types of jewelry and some may discover a style of jewelry they have never considered before. The Everyday Jewelry collection is categorized into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants for easy reference and shopping. You can also search by material such as metal, glass, shell, etc. to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Presentation is key! It's a good idea to order jewelry displays to showcase the different jewelry pieces. You can also include gift boxes with a jewelry purchase or have them available for sale.
The more you order, the more you will save with our All Assortable Pricing. And with our Ironclad Guarantee you can shop with complete confidence.

Item Number H20-3100JE Necklace

Party Preparation

The party is planned and you have ordered the sample jewelry pieces--now it's time to create your sales presentation and party layout. Here are tips for displaying and pricing jewelry:
  • Be sure to wear a few of the jewelry pieces, as this is the best form of advertising.
  • Remove the jewelry pieces from their packaging for a nice presentation. You will want to encourage guests to try on the pieces at the party to get a feel for the style.
  • Do your homework! Review the materials and designs of the jewelry pieces, using the description provided, so you can accurately speak about the pieces.
  • Use mannequins or tables to show different outfits styled with selected jewelry pieces to give people an idea of how to wear the jewelry.
  • Have mirrors available for guests to view the jewelry on themselves.
  • Be sure to label the pieces with your price and the item number for easy ordering.
  • You'll want to consider your audience when pricing the jewelry; however, a good guideline is to double the price that you paid, commonly referred to as "keystone pricing," and round up so it's an easy figure. For example, if you purchased a necklace for $2.79, you could price it at $6.00 for your jewelry party. You may wish to price it higher, based on your audience and similar styles that you have seen at other stores.
  • Display pictures and tear-outs from fashion magazines that include similar styles of jewelry. Share prices of jewelry you have found other places to illustrate the great deals you are offering.
Party Layout Considerations:
In addition to the jewelry, you will want to provide light snacks and drinks for your guests. Select easy-to-eat finger foods and include a vegetarian option as well. Depending on your audience you may choose to offer alcoholic beverages, but always have water available. It's important to keep the focus of the party on the jewelry, so you don't want the food or drinks to be a distraction.

As far as the layout of the party, it's best to provide a chair for each of your guests and the opportunity for them to clearly see you and the jewelry when you are giving your presentation. You can place the chairs in a circle and give your presentation from one side of the circle, or you can give your presentation from the front of a room and have the chairs in casual rows. The goal is to keep the group all together (you don't want little groups of people to form) and organize the seating so that everyone can see your presentation and the jewelry. Have the seating arranged prior to the arrival of your guests so it's easy for them to find a place.

Item Number H20-6160JD Necklace

At the Party

Be sure to greet all your guests and offer them light snacks and beverages. Allow your guests about 15 minutes to mingle, admire the jewelry you have displayed and get settled. Personally hand each guest an order form for them to fill out throughout the party as they see pieces they like. You can find premade order forms at office supply stores or create your own.

Now it's time to let your jewelry-making knowledge and experience sell the Everyday Jewelry.
  • Let them know Everyday Jewelry offers similar styles as seen in department and specialty stores for much less.
  • Show how jewelry can instantly update a wardrobe without having to invest more money in clothing.
  • Share the idea that it's jewelry without the worry--great for travel and places that may not offer much security.
  • Illustrate how you can mix and match different pieces to create multiple looks.
You'll want to encourage people to buy for others and upcoming holidays and events and remind guests you can offer jewelry shows for their friends as well.

Take time to go through the different pieces with your guests, noting the materials and providing style suggestions as you go. Such as, "This glass pearl bracelet can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear with a work outfit for a sophisticated look or pair with jeans and a t-shirt for added polish."

Pass the jewelry pieces around for guests to hold and encourage people to try them on. You'll have a better chance of selling a piece if people can touch and feel it. You can also involve your guests in the presentation by asking them to give their own style suggestions on how they can envision wearing a particular piece.

Item Number H20-5229JD Necklace
Your Price--$14.43 per Necklace!

"This understated necklace is a versatile piece that looks great with jeans, a black dress and everything in between. A double open round pendant dangles at the center of the comfortably lightweight chain with the outermost circle encrusted in glittering faceted glass rhinestones. An imitation rhodium finish gives the necklace the gleam of precious metal for an upscale appearance without a high-end cost. Similar to styles offered at department stores and retail for over $20!"

Offering a prize/raffle drawing is a nice addition to a jewelry party and a great way to get everyone's complete contact information as well (this can be used for follow-up and future jewelry parties). Have guests fill out their contact information on a card that will enter them for a chance to win a particular piece. Plan the drawing for the end of the party to encourage people to stay.

After you have completed your presentation, collect the order forms and confirm the necessary payment information. It's important to get the payment up front. Be sure to let them know when you will have the jewelry available for them. Offer to deliver the jewelry or have a time when people can come and pick up their orders. You can charge a small shipping/handling fee per order to cover your order processing efforts.

Thank everyone for coming!

Place the Order

Compile your order forms and place your order for the Everyday Jewelry pieces as soon as possible to ensure fast delivery for your party guests. After you have delivered the jewelry pieces to your jewelry party guests, follow-up and see how they are enjoying their purchases and keep them on your list for future parties.

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