Non-Marring Wire-Wrapping Pliers

Design Idea NA5D Earrings
by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

There are many specifically designed wireworking pliers available to jewelry artists. The most recent pliers to come across my workbench seem to have been developed by engineers who read the questions received at Ask the Experts, namely, "these pliers work great for wire-wrapping but how do I make this loop without making marks on the round wire?"

In most cases, using Tool Magic® coating will prevent adding marks and scratches to your wire. Experiment with the following pliers options to achieve greater results with wire-wrapping projects--and to solve the dilemma of denting the wire. Combine the Tool Magic with these innovative pliers for a very professional finish for all of your wire designs.

Here are some combination pliers specially designed not to mar wire or metal sheet:

Looping pliers with a nylon jaw
The nylon-jaw/round-nose barrel plier combo works for forming loops against a non-marring surface.

With the proper tools and a little practice, designers can achieve professional results with wire-wrapping projects every time, allowing them to concentrate more on creating and less on worrying how to not mar metal and wire.

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Item Number 4981TL Round and Flat-Nose Pliers

Wire-wrapping round-nose and concave pliers
These dual-nosed pliers are designed to create consistent round loops, not teardrop-shaped loops. The wire is formed around the round barrel; the concave barrel cradles the wire as well as aids in the shaping of the loop.

To create an eye pin from a length of wire:
  1. Using flush-cutters, blunt cut the end of your wire.
  2. Place the wire so it spans the width of the concave barrel.
  3. Compress the handle of the pliers. The wire will conform to the shape of the barrels and start the loop.
  4. Without releasing the wire from the pliers, and using your non-dominant hand, press the wire against the round-nose barrel to complete the loop.
  5. Release the handle of the pliers and rotate it so the outside edge of the concave barrel is at the base of the loop--rotate your wrist about 15-degrees, positioning the loop on top of the straight length of wire.
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Item Number 3512TL Round Nose and Concave Pliers

Looping Wubbers™
These pliers are designed for a similar purpose as the round-nose and concave pliers, but the barrel of this tool is consistent the entire length which makes for consistently sized loops, every time. These are great for forming loops as well as consistent coils of wire. The coils can then be used as they are or cut into individual jump rings.

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Item Number 3936TL Wubbers Looping Pliers

Wire-wrapping stepped and concave pliers
A combination of round and concave barrels with the added benefit of creating different size loops with the same tool. The stepped barrel dimensions yield 2mm, 3.5mm and 5.5mm sizes.

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Item Number 3515TL Wire-Wrapping Stepped and Concave Pliers

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