Supporting Our Archangels

We sometimes take for granted what our soldiers and veterans sacrifice daily so we can bead through our days peacefully. Like the archangels, known as the guardians of nations and countries, our soldiers protect our country to ensure the freedom we're all accustomed to.

This year in the spirit of charity and goodwill, consider paying homage to these military guardian angels through your jewelry lines. Many people pledge, either openly or personally, to donate a portion of sales to one of the many charities that support the hard-working members of the military. This is especially popular to do around specific holidays and events:

Events Date
Medal of Honor Day March 25th
Gold Star Wives Day April 4th
Military Spouse Appreciation Day Friday before Mother's Day
Armed Forces Day Third Saturday of May
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Flag Day June 14th
Independence Day July 4th
Purple Heart Day August 7th
National Airborne Day August 16th
Patriot Day September 11th
National POW/MIA Recognition Day Third Friday of September
Gold Star Mother's Day Last Sunday of September
Day of the Deployed October 26th
Navy Day October 27th
Veterans Day November 11th
Remembrance Day (aka Poppy Day) November 11th
Military Birthdays
Coast Guard Reserves February 19th
Navy Reserves March 3rd
Air Force Reserves April 14th
Army Reserves April 23rd
Army Birthday June 14th
Coast Guard Auxiliary June 23rd
Coast Guard Day August 4th
Marine Corps Reserve August 29th
Air Force (USAF) September 17th
Air National Guard September 18th
US Navy (USN) October 13th
Marine Corps November 10th
Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) December 1st
US National Guard December 13th
Other Observances
Month of the Military Child April
National Military Appreciation Month May
Peace Officers Memorial Week Week of May 15th
Armed Forces Week Second Saturday of May Through 3rd Sunday
National Flag Week Week of June 14th
National Military Family Month November

Jewelry themed around these events includes anchors or ship wheels for the navy, airplanes for air force, etc. as well as charms that spell out the specific branch entered by an individual. You may also want to make or wear supportive jewelry for graduation ceremonies, deployments and post-deployment homecomings.

Explore other popular themes and designs seen in military-inspired jewelry you may consider using in support of our troops.

Yellow Awareness Ribbons for Deployed Military
Many causes are represented by a color--yellow is the most popular color in association with military troops. It isn't uncommon to see yellow ribbons, sometimes faded almost to white, tied around trees, on doors like wreaths and on car bumpers. In broad terms, it represents hope and, more specifically, well wishes for deployed troops, prisoners of war (POW) and those missing in action (MIA).

Red, White and Blue Color Scheme
Red, white and blue represents patriotism while demonstrating support of our troops and gratefulness to our soldiers, police and firefighters. You can incorporate these colors into your jewelry designs through use of colored cord, wire, beads, findings, awareness ribbons and patriotic charms and beads.

Supporting Our Archangels

Lockets, Dog Tags and More
Magnetic closure pendant lockets are often seen filled with charms and colorful beads, including yellow awareness ribbons and USA flags for military-inspired creations. These charms are often also seen on adjustable bracelet bases and bracelets. Other lockets and settings often have a picture of your family member or friend serving in the armed forces often with charms or other beaded dangles alongside. Metal blanks used as charms as well as dog tags are stamped with the name of the soldier or other popular phrases that include:
  • Support Our Troops
  • Support the Troops
  • Keep my Solider Safe
  • The [branch] Has My Soldier, but I Have His/Her Heart (often seen with heart charms)
  • [branch] Mom, Wife, Dad, etc.
  • My Son/Daughter My Hero
  • Watch Over Our Troops (often seen alongside a cross)
  • My Hero Wears Dog Tags
  • Together Forever and Never Apart, Maybe in Distance but Never in Heart
Dog Tags Dog Tags Dog Tags Item Number H20-B5326FN Magnetic Locket Pendant Item Number H20-B3993FN Magnetic Locket Pendant

Gender-neutral pieces such as paracord bracelets and pins appeal to a broad audience, making them excellent choices as well. With each piece, consider attaching a simple card your customers can carry with them explaining how they can take action through donations and by utilizing their own skills as well. Through jewelry, you can encourage support for our troops and brighten the lives of our own military archangels.

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