Organic Jewelry: Wood and Nut Beads

Wood and Nut Beads
by Robyn, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Observed as far back as prehistoric times, beads and jewelry have been created from organic materials to decorate nearly every part of the body. Over the past few years, jewelry styles have shifted back. Attitudes are again embracing an organic lifestyle with an increased awareness of preserving nature and its surroundings. In such cases, many beading and jewelry artisans have altered their designs to pursue more of these ancient eco-friendly trends.

Although wood is one of earliest jewelry-making components, many consider jewelry as something silver, gold or sparkly diamonds or crystals. However, current organic jewelry is showing vast influences in fashion trends. Many organic components make stunning jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets and earrings, at affordable prices, not to mention they are an appealing benefit to eco-conscious customers.

Wood and Nut Beads: A Renewable Resource

Wood Cultivation

A majority of wood-based accessories are cultivated from fast-growing trees such as Chinese littleleaf, Korean boxwood, Indian rosewood, mango wood and palm wood. In addition, many of these types of wood are raised in plantation crops, aiding in preserving the rainforests. Renewable products such as wood prevent poverty in substandard farmlands by providing a means of income for those who reside in remote areas.

Wood is one of the oldest adornment materials used due to its availability and canvas for carving. The use of wood has come a long way and can now be processed, treated, dyed, carved and polished into items such as beads, pendants and jewelry displays. Wood beads come in a vast array of shapes and sizes like oval, tubular, round and flat shapes. These wooden beads are available in their natural colors as well as painted with different colors and patterns. Additionally, designing with wood allows for resilient, long-lasting style and is a natural fit for nature-inspired projects and earthy designs.

Item Number 1099AS Wood Component Mix

Nut Cultivation

Another source of environmentally savvy accessories is nuts. Found in locations such as East Africa and the Philippines, betel nut (areca nut), buri nut, Kukui nut (Lumbang seed) and tagua nut are a few renewable resources that are naturally farmed in several tropical regions. Similar to the wood mentioned above, nuts are a natural resource that aids in protecting tropical rainforests.

These versatile and eco-friendly materials are increasingly seen in top jewelry fashions. The extensive collection available is sure to inspire the imagination and suit any style. Nut beads are available in their natural colors as well as dyed in vibrantly colored hues. Many nut components are resilient and lightweight which allow for long-lasting wear for any jewelry design. In fact, due to their dense qualities, nuts like the tagua nut are easily carved, shaped and large enough to allow for room when creating unique shapes.

With the availability of these fast-growing wood and nut materials, these textiles have become a fashionable jewelry trend offered in a wide range of exquisite pieces and in a myriad design and style options. Seize the call of nature and take advantage of their true aesthetic worth!

Item Number 3771NB Betel Nut Beads

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