Planning Beading Promotions for Holidays Throughout the Year

When people think of holidays, Christmas and New Year's often come to mind. Winter is the season when every consumer has a reason to shop, making it one of the most valuable to beading business owners. However, if you plan to market your goods and services during the end of the year, you're missing out on other holiday-related sales opportunities that could bring in valuable profit.

While it's important to have a fixed strategy in place when it comes to the holiday season, successful beading business owners will tell you that it's equally important to have a plan when it comes to promoting during some of the biggest jewelry holidays of the year. Here are a couple of occasions you should be mindful of and consider crafting a plan for in order to maintain your bottom line.

1. Valentine's Day. This is by far the most romantic holiday of the year, which means that many consumers will be out looking for jewelry to buy for their loved ones. To make sure that you're taking advantage of this opportunity, it's a good idea to ramp up your marketing campaign prior to February. Release new advertisements and any information on sales that you plan on holding a couple of weeks before the actual holiday.

2. Mother's Day. Because your target audience will primarily be women, as a beading business, planning for this holiday is a must. Everyone from husbands to daughters will be looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for their loved ones. This gives you another opportunity to launch a special marketing campaign and sales that may attract new and existing customers.

3. New Year's Eve. When planning for the Christmas rush, think about creating a strategy for after the holiday as well. Although it's not as romantic as Valentine's Day, many people like to spend New Year's Eve with their loved ones and might be looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate when the clock strikes midnight.

Once you have taken note of other holidays you wish to capitalize on throughout the year, you can devise a few tactics to put in place once these occasions roll around.

Planning for a holiday such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day is similar to creating a strategy for Christmas. However, the angle you take will be different, whether you're attempting to create a romantic vibe or a familial mood.

One way that you can devise an effective marketing campaign is by creating an event for your business situated around the holiday itself, according to Startup Nation. For instance, host an open house featuring your newest jewelry to give consumers a taste of what you have to offer prior to Valentine's Day. Consider bringing in a professional to talk about the pieces you sell and their origins at a planned event. These tactics can help you gather a crowd and gauge interest in your business leading up to a big celebration.

Another way to drive interest in your company prior to a holiday is to revamp your appearance on the internet. In the digital age, a majority of consumers have access to the Internet. If you change the layout of your page to reflect a major holiday or host a promotion online they'll be sure to notice.

Take to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to gain popularity for your promotion. If possible, find a way to connect with a local charity and inform customers that a portion of their proceeds will go to a good cause--this is always a great hook when it comes to making sales, and you'll be helping the community as well.

If you want to raise the stakes a bit higher, think about offering free shipping or additional discounts to consumers for the holiday. Many businesses find it easier to promote customer loyalty programs during holidays when consumers are looking for ways to save money. Think about creating an email list or a rewards card program to drive additional interest in your business.

Finally, make an effort to stay connected with your consumers. Update your business blog and social networking profiles about everything you are doing as a company to provide goods and services during this special occasion.

Although it can be a hassle to plan for numerous holidays throughout the year, taking the time to do so can potentially increase your bottom line and improve the reputation of your beading business. If you can't fit the additional planning into your schedule, think about hiring a marketing professional who can help you take advantage of these opportunities.