Facebook Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Site for Your Small Business

When it comes to marketing your jewelry or beading supply company and reaching out to the masses, the internet is a valuable tool that can help you reach your goals. Whether you're selling jewelry-making supplies or handmade designs, the Internet can be your best friend when it comes to marketing your goods and services.

Social networking continues to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs do business, and it's connecting consumers with business owners like never before. One website that more people are turning to is Facebook. This social networking platform was once a place where individuals could simply connect with family and friends. Today, it is a website that links people with everything from their favorite businesses to interests.

There is an ample amount of advertising and marketing potential for entrepreneurs on Facebook. That being said, there are several pitfalls that amateur business owners might fall into without taking the proper precautionary measures. Being mindful of the potential for your Facebook page to go sour can help you prevent making significant mistakes.

1. Failing to do research

While it is easy enough to sign up on Facebook and create a page for your beading company, there are a few design aspects to take into consideration. WebMarketingWar.com suggests taking a look at what your competitors are doing with their pages--how are they branding their goods and services? How do you they organize photos and posts on their page? Taking a few minutes to check out other Facebook pages can help you brainstorm and set up your own profile.

2. Posting erratically or infrequently

Another main cause for the failure of business Facebook pages is a lack of posting or having a random posting schedule. Reeling customers into your profile is one thing, but getting them to stick around is another. Aside from making worthwhile, informational posts, you should be diligent about making them on a regular basis. Web surfers have a short attention span, and if they don't see a reason to come back to your page in the near future, you'll quickly lose visitors.

3. Failing to interact with consumers on a genuine level

Mashable.com reports that it's relatively easy to make posts on your Facebook page, but it can be challenging when it comes to making sure they're genuine from the inside out. Social networking is all about putting consumers closer to businesses--they are looking for a personal connection, rather than a corporate being

"With Facebook, marketers of any size can do effective, word-of-mouth marketing at scale for the very first time. But Facebook is all about authenticity, so if your company is not being authentic or engaging with customers in a way that feels genuine, the community will see right through it," Facebook spokeswoman Annie Ta told the news source.

4. Not spending enough time on social networking

The key to effectively using any social networking website is utilizing it often. This means doing more than just logging in once every two weeks to see if you have any new messages. When it comes to Facebook, it's important to avoid falling into the "set it and forget it" routine. Regular interaction is necessary to not only draw in consumers, but efficiently use the website to spread the word about your beading company.

"Unlike traditional advertising methods such as a radio spot or a Yellow Pages listing, you can't just create a Facebook page and just let it run its course," Alex Levine, a social media strategist, told Mashable.com. "Creating a Facebook page is the first of many steps, but the page needs to be updated and monitored constantly."

5. Not spreading the word about your page

Once you set up your Facebook page, PCWorld.com states that it's important to inform your customers of this new social media outlet. While it's true that they could easily search for your business while using Facebook, it's not a bad idea to spread the word through other means, such as email or newsletters. If you have a mailing list, use this opportunity to reach out to your consumers about your new page. Entrepreneurs who have a storefront might want to consider creating an advertisement to hang in the store window. Furthermore, don't forget to use your own personal profile to invite your friends to your page!

Although it is simple enough to create a Facebook page for your beading company, it takes a certain amount of effort to use it to your advantage. The tools are all there for you--but it's up to you as an entrepreneur to put your marketing skills to use in order to make the most of your profile. In the end, you will find that social networking is an affordable, effective way to improve notoriety for your business.