Three Movies That Propelled Angels Into Mainstream Media

Many people believe in angels and the heavenly powers they are said to possess. Throughout history, these deities have appeared in numerous texts and pictures. says that angels are spirits without bodies--they have tremendous strength and intelligence, which gives them their holy reputation.

Some believe that angels walk among us, while others think that these beings reside in the skies above. Regardless of where they may truly be, one thing is for sure--angels are more popular than ever in the media. These symbols of greatness and hope have been the basis of many films that have turned into big blockbuster successes.

Angels in the Outfield

One movie that captured the hearts of both children and adults was Angels in the Outfield. This film debuted in 1994 as a remake of the 1951 classic, according to Sports lovers especially enjoyed the film, which centered around baseball and what it takes to become a successful team on and off the field.

In the movie, Christopher Lloyd plays the role of an angel who helps a struggling baseball team make its way to the top. The angel provides players with super human speed and strength to overcome their flaws on the field.


In 1996, actor John Travolta played the role of Michael, an archangel that has appeared in texts dating back to biblical times. However, Michael had several comical twists in the film--the angel was a smoker and walked around with unusually large white wings.

Throughout history, Michael the archangel has been thought to help in battles against demons and the devil himself. In the movie, the most the character does is revive an expired dog--not much, but enough to showcase the powers of this individual.

The Preacher's Wife

This is a remake of a 1947 film titled The Bishop's Wife, but with a little bit of humor when it debuted on the silver screen in 1996. In The Preacher's Wife, actor Denzel Washington plays the role of an angel who helps restore a reverend's faith and preserve his marriage.

This movie plays on the idea that angels may indeed walk among us, and they might not appear as rumored with large wings and halos. Instead, Washington carries around an "Angel's Handbook" in the movie to downplay these stereotypes for humor in the film.