How to Avoid Twitter Mistakes and Maintain Relationships With Customers Over the Internet

In the world of social networking there's no doubt that, Twitter is one of the few websites that reigns supreme. Next to Facebook, Twitter has become one of the most valuable Internet tools when it comes to staying connected with the world. For this reason, beading business owners have found use for it and have learned to use these sites to keep up with the rest of the industry.

The difference between Twitter and other social networking websites is that everything is short and sweet. Account holders have a maximum of 280 characters to say what's on their mind to everyone who's listening, and this rule applies to businesses as well--not just casual Twitter users.

This might seem like a disadvantage to some, but the fact that tweets are short forces users to pack a punch in every update they post. Many tweets can provide valuable, helpful information in a mere 280 characters, which is why Twitter has become a quick go-to source for everything from beading to world wide news.

If you have a Twitter account for your beading business, chances are, you're already familiar with the benefits that can come from social networking. Developing a presence on the Internet allows entrepreneurs to further define their relationships with consumers, as well as attract new patrons who can drive sales. However, the simplicity of 280 characters can be a mixed blessing.

While it's hard to lose the attention of a reader with just one or two sentences, it's possible to dissuade people from returning to your page if your tweets are not regularly engaging. There are many common pit falls that entrepreneurs fall victim to early on when using Twitter, especially if they're not social networking savvy. Here are some mistakes to avoid in order to keep your Twitter account bustling and beneficial to your beading business.
1. Using too many Twitter symbols. The "@" symbol and standard hash tag (#) are the staples of Twitter. They are used to respond or "mention" other users, as well as popularize a certain topic on the website. However, using too many of these symbols can be irritating to people who are just visiting your page to quickly find helpful information, according to The Huffington Post. Similarly, using a tweet to check in and note your location is also considered to be a waste of an update by many--steer clear of linking your Twitter with your Foursquare account.

2. Retweeting too often. One of the unique features of Twitter is it allows users to "retweet" or share worthwhile updates to their followers. However, Social Media Today reports that simply retweeting everything you find interesting is not a comparable alternative to making unique updates of your own.

While it's worthwhile to retweet beading industry news to your followers, it's also important for you to make an effort when it comes to utilizing your Twitter account and reaching out to consumers. Doing so will give them a reason to keep coming back to your page for more.

3. Forgetting to brand your company. Even though Twitter is often seen as a way to share more of your personal thoughts, an account intended for your beading business should be dedicated to relevant updates. Furthermore, it should accurately convey what you're trying to accomplish--branding on the Internet. Your Twitter account should include a link to your website and use your logo as your avatar.
It can be difficult to avoid some of these pit falls, and you may have already made some of these mistakes. However, there are ways to recover from your past slip-ups and turn your Twitter page into a website worth visiting. reports that many people fail to recognize their audience, as well as their audience's interests. To enhance your tweeting skills, make an effort to get to know your readers. They might be beading enthusiasts, as well as consumers who have an interest in jewelry in general. A majority of your clients may be women or individuals of an older adult demographic. Keep this in mind when sending out your tweets.

To make your updates more interesting, pack them full of information that could be useful to your readers. Furthermore, ensure that everything you write is engaging, even if it's a mere 280 characters. Ask questions or start a conversation with your followers to keep them interested and coming back for more.

Although it can be difficult to get the hang of condensing all you have to say in one or two sentences, making an effort to reach out to your clients through social media can yield more profit and help you maintain your bottom line.