Resort Jewelry
by Robyn, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

As temperatures heat up, retailers will begin to stock their shelves with bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and sundresses. It's during this exciting resort season where jewelry designs are inspired by the crisp hues of vacation sites and tropical settings.

During vacations in places like Mexico or the Caribbean, casual yet stylish fashion accessories are essential. In fact, it's easy and inexpensive to incorporate the vacation vibe that comes with sunny days relaxing by the pool or beach.

When creating resort-inspired jewelry, consider the use of well-known elements including shells, wood, bone and natural or imitation flowers. With their lightweight, fashionable and natural appeal, each is ideal to complement comfortable summertime jewelry designs. Moreover, accessories embellished with organic pieces are a great reminder of fun-filled days and wearing them is almost a rite of passage during the summer. Here's a look at a few sunny-season styles with design ideas for creative inspiration of paradise abroad.

Design Idea A864 Earrings Shells

Seashell jewelry makes a wonderful accessory for casual attire, no matter if you live in a resort setting or just wish you did. You're sure to make a splash when you design with shell components like beads, drops, focals and charms made from luminescent mother-of-pearl, radiant golden lip shell and stylish shell heishi beads.


Perhaps inspired by the swaying of tropical trees, wood-enhanced jewelry designs add a beachy vibe to jewelry. Blend Crystal PassionsĀ® in jewel-tone blues, aqua blue gemstones and ever-popular turquoise with sea-themed charms and embellishments for Caribbean-style ambiance.
Design Idea 01PA Bracelet

Design Idea 98BV Earrings Bone

Discover a natural fit for jewelry designs with bone components just right for gallivanting around an island resort. Embellish natural bone components with faceted gemstones or Crystal PassionsĀ® for a selection of chic and ornate designs full of seaside inspiration.


Add flowers of the tropics to your jewelry creations to complement any wardrobe. Play with cultured freshwater pearls mixed with natural and imitation flowers in seaside shades of blue topaz, turquoise and cobalt with touches of lavender and violet for alluring designs.
Design Idea BC1L Necklace

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