Accessories for Your Pets

Design Idea 9506 Pet Collar

by Kristal Wick, Author, Designer and Instructor, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Those of us who have pets love our pets, I mean LOOOOOOOOOVE our pets, right?! We're also jewelry makers and we create jewelry for our loved ones, so why the heck wouldn't we make jewelry celebrating our pets? Please note: most of these pieces are meant to be worn on special occasions or a photo shoot, and not necessarily meant as daily wear. Let's get going!

Always With You

One of the best ways to memorialize a pet is to encase a lock of hair or a baby tooth (it's cooler than it sounds) in resin. These make great gifts for grieving pet owners and last forever. I've kept my pups' baby teeth (if I'm lucky enough to find them on the carpet) and locks of their hair (usually cut from their tails). I place a tooth into an inlay component, cover with resin and add in a dash of glitter. Once the piece has fully cured (6-12 hours), I then make a charm bracelet, necklace or key chain to keep forever. I like adding the glitter to camouflage the tooth or hair. Sometimes you just don't want to explain why there are teeth in your bracelet, so the glitter looks pretty and you'll always know the secret!

A Little Bling'll Do Ya

Adding some hot fix crystals to your pet's collar is quick, easy and highly addictive! Buy a collar that fits your pet comfortably. Using a hot fix tool, apply hot fix crystals onto the collar following the manufacturer's instructions. You can also add a pretty ribbon or fabric strip to the collar with 2-part epoxy or iron-on tape before you apply the crystals.

Double- or triple-strands of pearls are also an elegant accessory for your smaller pets. This is designer couture, folks, so make sure your pets wear these while supervised. Here's a great design for a Triple-Strand Bracelet with Cultured Freshwater Pearls and Gold-Plated Brass Beads--simply adjust to fit your pet’s collar size.

Tip: Always make sure to remove your pet's embellished collar when unsupervised, crated or playing with another pet. You don't want them chewing their pretty collar or accidentally swallowing an embellishment that falls off. When my two were puppies, they chewed a handful of dog tags the minute my back was turned! Lesson learned.

Cold Nose, Warm Heart

Formal wear for your pets is tough to find. I mean where does a doggie go to get a tux these days? A fun accessory is a blinged up bow tie for their collar. Purchase a child's clip-on bow tie. Remove the clip from the back and sew on a strip of elastic from the top of the bow tie to the bottom on the backside of the bow tie. This allows your pet's collar to slide through the elastic so it's removable. Hot fix or glue crystals to the bow tie and you're good to go!

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