Geometric Jewelry

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by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Jewelry takes on sharp turns, hard angles, linear lines and smooth curves as geometry meets art in a spectacular mosaic of shapes.

Triangles and trapezoids, polygons, points and pentagons--all types of geometric shapes are showing up in jewelry lines. Circles, squares and rectangles are adding edgy and attention-getting elements to multi-strand necklaces, dangle earrings, cuff bracelets and more. Some geometric pieces appear futuristic, vintage or retro while others may just have the appeal of timeless style. It all depends on how the varying shapes are put together.
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Geometric designs can be bold and chunky like bib necklaces with large geometric shapes, or small and simple such as a few circle pendants on a chain. Single, oversized stones look great on bangles and rings. Another element to this trend has been the overlapping of patterns to create new and unique designs such as stacking circles, teardrops, squares and triangle rings on the same finger.

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Another favored look for geometric designs is negative space jewelry (where your design incorporates openings and empty space), which when combined with geometric patterns can create minimalistic but futuristic designs.

Here's a closer look at some popular shapes:


Circles are a visually appealing look that you can incorporate by themselves or with other shapes. Take for example this design here, featuring two circles and a star that has five jet hematite crystals embellished into it. The negative space inside of the two circles and the star create a powerful look that doesn't feel clunky.

By contrast, this set of earrings here scream the atomic nature of the circle. The inclusion of the wire loops of different lengths and at different levels means that as the earrings move, the circles will shift in their orbit like an atom. Include a tiny gemstone and you have a nucleus or sun which the planets orbit. Both designs are extremely simple, with very little in terms of materials. And yet both have such a powerful feel to them, utilizing geometric patterns to invoke feelings in the onlooker.

Geometric Jewelry


Squares can serve a similar design choice as circles, drawing the attention to the areas of negative space, but also can act as lines on the body for the eye to follow. How you might ask? Just turn them slightly and your square is suddenly a diamond, which indicates the paths for your eyes to follow. With the inclusion of Crystal Passions® crystals in the design, you can highlight the crystals and make it the centerpiece attraction such as this design here. The eyes are drawn immediately to the beads in the center and then the slightly thicker gold around it acts to block the eyes from focusing on anything around the crystal beads.

Geometric Jewelry

Similarly, you can use designs that incorporate the square and little to nothing else to maintain the minimalist design. Use square-shaped gemstones or open components for negative space and you have a chic and simple design or turn it sideways and you create a diamond-shaped pendant or necklace to draw the eye.

Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry


Triangles are pleasing to the eye in jewelry designs since they naturally follow the "rule of three" design principle. The idea behind this principle is that objects grouped in odd numbers are more appealing and create more impact than even-numbered arrangements. Odd-numbered designs create harmony and force movement and visual interest. Make a simple statement with a triangle-shaped Crystal Passions crystal pendant necklace or combine multiple triangle-shaped jump rings for dangly earrings. Jewelry artists are also incorporating the triangle-inspired chevron pattern into beads and designs for a bold appearance.

Geometric Jewelry

Start your own triangle-motif jewelry designs with a wide selection of triangle-shaped beads, pendants and jewelry-making components. There's a style for everyone in this trend with triangle shapes available in wood, crystal, metal and clay materials. Thanks to its simple geometric lines, the triangle lends itself well to extravagant colors, extreme sizes and over-the-top details.

Star Patterns and Combining Shapes

Stars can be a fun and colorful way to design your jewelry. One option is to stick to the traditional design, combining it with Crystal Passions crystal rhinestones to create a light catching and brilliant look, such as the design here. However, experiment with additional designs such as using seed beads to create an explosion of stardust, which goes well into combining geometric shapes together. Using just the concept of triangles and squares, you can create the below design, a minimalistic but impressive look that mimics the look of a starburst.

Geometric Jewelry

Or use circles and triangles and you get an exciting yet clean design, highlighting the gemstone or crystal featured in the center of the open circle while the individual lines coming from the inner circle create an almost star-like appearance behind the triangles.

Geometric Jewelry


The color palette for this trend is crisp and sharp with pops of bright colors. Silvery metallics, deep browns and iridescent berry-colored hues abound for on-point style.

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Enjoy the hues that you can only find with products from Crystal Passions crystals, such as emerald, crystal copper, fuchsia and light smoked topaz. For metals, the obvious choice is sterling silver and silver-plated for their reflective beauty-enhancing shine. Geometric shapes in beads, components, pendants and chains abound in statement jewelry designs.

The Look:

Sterling silver, dangling like icicles, with magenta-colored zebra wire. Jump rings intertwined and running throughout a chainmaille pattern, seed beads popping in three-dimensional creations and intricate designs, both mimicking the interconnected geometric nature of shapes.

Geometric Jewelry
Geometric Jewelry

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