Design Idea 52B2 Necklace

by Lisa Coen, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Geometric shapes are appearing in bangle bracelets, oversized rings and necklace components. Triangles and trapezoids, polygons and pentagons--all types of geometric shapes are showing up in designer lines. Even basic circle and square shapes become a part of amazing pieces when grouped together. If you didn't pay attention in high school geometry class, don't worry, you don't need to figure out the surface area of a rectangular prism to cash in on this sizzling jewelry trend.

Design Idea A8BY Necklace Geometric designs are appealing because they intrigue many buyers. Some geometric pieces appear futuristic, some seem vintage, some feel retro; others may just have the appeal of timeless style. It all depends on how the varying shapes are put together.

The popular edgy, industrial geometric look of past seasons has matured into classic, asymmetrical styles--some with a hint of tribal inspiration. Experiment with geometric shapes and patterns with bold stripes and abstract colors for statement style.

Geometric designs can be bold and chunky like bib necklaces with large geometric shapes, or small and simple such as a few circle pendants on a chain. Single, oversized stones look great on bangles and rings. Look to the selection of geometric beads, components and design ideas below to get started on hot geometric designs.

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