Geometric Jewelry

Design Idea LA55 Necklace
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Geometry and art intersect in a spectacular mosaic of shapes. While it might seem that geometric jewelry is reserved for futuristic designs, it's very versatile. The use of angles and shapes can run the gamut from modern to vintage, from hard edges to soft curves.

Geometric jewelry has been around for thousands of years. There are even Roman examples from the 3rd century A.D. that are still stylish.

Gold and chalcedony earrings, mid-late Imperial period. Photo courtesy of The MET (


Circles are visually appealing by themselves or with other shapes. They can be styled with a calming effect using delicate wire and gemstone components, or they can be thick and chunky for an industrial feel.

Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry

Squares, Diamonds, Rhombuses and Rectangles

Squares, diamonds, rhombuses and rectangles are a mainstay of modernist and minimalist pieces. They can stand out or blend effortlessly with other shapes. The angles inherent in these shapes also provide visual direction, with the eye following the direction of the corners.

To create modernist and minimalist designs, use just a few well-chosen components. For an ornate Egyptian-revival look, incorporate open gold drops as frames to showcase colorful glass beads or gemstones.

Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry


Thanks to its simple geometric lines, the triangle lends itself well to extravagant colors, extreme sizes and over-the-top details. Like their four-cornered counterparts, the angles can provide visual direction.

Make a simple statement with a triangle-shaped pendant. Try combining multiple triangle jump rings for a new spin on dangly earrings. When nestled together, triangles can create quick and easy patterns like a classic chevron.

Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry

Stars and Polygons

Stars are versatile and can range from fun to refined. Use a five-point star to give a sense of child-like whimsy or for Western-style pieces. A many-pointed star looks more at home in intricate designs.

Polygons--hexagons, pentagons and octagons--add dimension and interest to seed bead patterns and stitches. You can also embellish your creations using Crystal Passions® fancy stones in unexpected shapes.

Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry

Combining Shapes

The beauty of playing with geometric shapes in design is that you can combine them to your heart's content. It also allows you to play with negative space to produce even more shapes. Overlapping multiple open geometric drops make impressive-looking statement earrings without all the weight, and the resulting negative space adds to the feeling of complexity.

Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry Geometric Jewelry

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