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by Robyn, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

From wardrobes to home décor, this season is all about embracing natural elements in a bright and contemporary way. Bird inspirations have been taking flight as one of the hottest trends.

For thousands of years, people have looked at birds for a sense of inspiration, freedom and a desire to be connected with the divine. With such prevalent symbolism, perhaps this is why these remarkable creatures have become a huge fashion statement and are being included as the primary subject for jewelry pieces.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, bird-inspired components are encouraging features to add to jewelry designs and can enhance any wardrobe. When including birds, consider the powerful symbols and various meanings each represent. Here's a look at what these soaring sensations can bring to jewelry designs:

Bird Shapes

Design Idea 99AQ Earrings In many cultures, birds are regarded as an influential symbol of new opportunities that are there for you even in times of adversity. Birds can symbolize peace, love and happiness (doves and hummingbirds), abundance and good luck (peacocks) or even wisdom, insight and virtue (owls). Creating any number of jewelry designs with these virtuous animals can commemorate the celebration of milestones. Perhaps this is the reason doves are often seen at weddings as a sign of hope for a prosperous future.

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Feathers are appearing on anything from earrings to shoes, hair accessories to handbags and lots more. Create infinite combinations when mixing and matching feathers from different birds with a wide array of colors and patterns. Feathers can be coordinated with vividly colored crystal beads, lustrous seed beads and precious metal components. The sky’s the limit!

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Design Idea C16U Ring As a symbol of protection, wing accents can be an inspirational gift to someone who is setting out on a life-changing journey. So, try your wings out by combining a variety of fantastic jewelry components including crystals, such as Crystal Passions® wing pendants with rings, earrings and other findings, to add a sparkling aura to jewelry designs.

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