Lasting Treasures

by Cindy

My father had been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. He had only 6 weeks to live. A miracle of prayers was answered when he became part of a Government Program researching his disease. The program consisted of 100 people being human guinea pigs for the testing of treatments with this program to research this disease. He did everything they asked him to do no matter how painful, to try to help himself and let them document the research. He came home after a long stay in the hospital. He was still a very very sick man. He told himself that he would not let this sickness beat him.

He decided to head out to the woods to cut wood, his favorite pastime. He struck out towards the garage a football field away. He could only inch forward a tiny bit at a time. He made it to the garage. He then had to get his chain saw down from the shelf. He took all of his reserve and reached for the saw, it and he came tumbling to the garage floor and they both rolled under the car. He layed there, "I will not let this beat me." He managed to get up. He still had the longer walk out to the woods to cut the wood. He again inched his way through the woods carrying his heavy saw. He made it out to a log, and sat down, exhausted, thinking "I have no more to give. I just cannot do this anymore. I must give up." Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a light coming out of the sky. An angel!!! He looked towards the angel. As he told the story, we all said, "What did you do then?!!" He said he looked towards the angel and said, "I ain't going with YOU!!" And he proceeded to get up and cut wood. My father was an inspiration to us all. He survived all of the 100 patients in the program. He often wondered why God chose him to be the last to live. He died 28 yrs later at the age of 83. He had plenty of time to resolve family and personal issues during those years and to pass on lots of his determination to his 7 children, wife and many grandchildren. So when trouble or downward thoughts come calling just look it in the eye and say "I ain't going with you!"

Inspiration for Story: I have just realized that my father is the inspiration I need to motivate myself whenever I feel bogged down or overwhelmed. I do not have a piece yet designed in remembrance of this story. I am sure the determination I need can be found in the inspiration I received from my Father. Thank you Dad, miss you much!! :)