Mom Saves the Day Again!

by Denise

I had a stroke at 45 just shortly after my uncle had his. I am in Colorado and my family is in Massachusetts so it made it hard on my parents. They planned a vacation for them, myself and my husband shortly after I was given the okay to travel. We went to Vegas and it was hard for my mother to see me struggle. When we departed at the airport she handed me an angel that she told me my dad had blessed and given to her when my uncle had his stroke and she told me my uncle would always be looking over me and on the hard days to hold it and think of her and my uncle and things would get easier for me. Shortly after this visit my uncle passed away. Then a few months later I was very sick again and was gasping for air when my husband rushed me to the emergency room. He was told they didn't think I was going to make it that my lungs were both blocked from getting air with a huge blood clot. My husband was asked if there was anything he wanted to say to me before he had to leave the room and he took my angel out of my purse and put it in my hand and reminded me my uncle was my guardian angel and he would protect me to just pray. A little later they came out and told my husband they were moving me to a room and they didn't know how or what but I was breathing better and I wasn't out of the woods but someone is watching over me. When my mother found out what happened she said she wished she could make me a big angel to wrap around me to protect me but she was so glad she gave me her angel that something at that moment when she gave it to me told her that I needed an angel to watch over me and it was a feeling that she could not shake. I thank my mom for giving me my angel and I know my uncle is watching over me. I know this because when I hold my angel a feeling of peace comes over me and any problems with my health at that moment seems to ease up. I should have died 3 times the doctors have told me and there is no explanation as to why I have pulled through other than maybe I have a guardian angel. My angel sits on my nightstand when I am sleeping or is in my purse when I am out or next to me when I am up but it is always with me. When I was at my sickest and in CCU my husband had put my angel in my hand to hold and not everyone would understand but I felt as if someone was there with me in the bed reminding me I had more to do and people to help. When I woke I asked my husband who had been there and he told me no one had been there just him and that he had been sitting there quietly waiting for me to wake but that he had put my angel in my hand. Life has been hard but I am a fighter and my guardian angel is always there for me.

Inspiration for Story: My ANGEL, my mom and my uncle.