Angels Caring for My Alyssa Joy!

by Jessica

When my daughter was very sick, she had to have numerous operations, which left her very weak, depressed, and sick. These days, thinking back, were the most challenging for her and for me, as I stayed with her each and every step she took to gain strength back.

One particular day in the hospital, while I sat watching all the specialists surround her body, I was praying, as I do often, for her dear angels to come and surround her and me as I looked on. I had my eyes closed while they were tending to a blood transfusion, and I could tell everyone in the room had a job to do, my sweet daughter had to be awake during most of this one, so I prayed. When I opened my eyes, I saw angels, not just one, but many! It lasted only a few moments but I could see the sparkle on the wing tips, without having words to explain the majestic feeling I felt within that room! I had a calm like no other I have ever had in my life! My daughter was in the care of the most beautiful of creation! She left that hospital healthy and happy! The emptiness vanished for us, and as I went with her out those doors, I knew angels would always be with us both.

Inspiration for Story: My sweet teenager, Alyssa Joy!