My Little Angel ...

by Leta Mae Powell

I became interested in Angels when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. 1991 she was born at 14 weeks early. I was given an angel on my shoulder pin. It was a sense of comfort and inner peace! I always felt that angels were with my family and my daughter at this time. She had a few rough weeks at the beginning but now is almost 21 and is in her 3rd year in college. I feel they are here to help all of us! You just have to ask! The angel pin inspired me to design my own angel jewelry. I have been told that my angels have inspired and helped families and individuals through very tough times. Although my jewelry gives hope and comfort ... I believe the Angels in heaven help the individuals through my work. I am honored for the opportunity to help others.

Inspiration for Story: Angels are everywhere! Trust it! Believe it! My daughter Angela is mine!