Angel at the Church in the Woods

by Darlene Sanders Harris

On Sept 11, 2002 I stopped at a quiet little church in the woods. I walked quietly among the ancient gravestones with so many historic area names. As I approached the tiny church, a woman dressed in vestments came out as if to leave. She asked me if I'd like to spend a few moments in the church to reflect on this one year anniversary of 9/11 and I said yes, thank you. I stayed and prayed in this quiet place, finding peace in the history of those gone so long before. When I left the building, she wasn't around. I walked up to what appeared to be the main church where a bus was leaving to share services at another church. The pastor there told me they had no woman pastor. I insisted, described her, perhaps she was some visiting guest? No, there was no one there like that. My comfort that day, in a world of sadness and reflection, came from an angel.