The Morning After

by Melanie Malema

9/11 I watched the images unfold with my co-workers all surrounding the one TV in the building. I live in Albany, NY; directly under the flight path the plane had taken.
Some of us were crying, most of us in shock.
Many knew someone who worked there, or knew of someone who knew someone ... all too personal, too real.
They let us go home early to hold our loved ones--scared of what may happen next.
Not having slept, morning still came and I had to return to work.
Life had to go on, it had to.
I drove and prayed. The air was still and the sky calm, I had prayed all night.
Looking for answers.
Looking for reassurances.
Across this sky were puffs of clouds.
A field of cotton, shaped into a giant wing stretched across the sky.
We were under protection, in the care of angels.
It would be ok.

Inspiration for Story: My experiences on 9/11.