Angels Are Watching Over Me

by Darlene Johnson

I was adopted so Angels were watching over me to give me a good life. Growing up with the inspiration of angels I have written this poem.

Guardian Angel

I am silent with a watchful eye
I look down on you from the sky
I reach out and give you a hand
When you have problems taking a stand

I look over you as you cry
I tell you reasons why not to lie
I lift you up when you are down
I give you a smile when there is a frown

I help heal your heart when it gets broken
For I am in your mind softly spoken
I help guide you on your way
I help guide each and every day

When it is time for you to come home
I will lead you straight and not let you roam
You will be out of pain and have peace of mind
For peace at hand you will find

When it is time you will then know
The way will be shown the way to go
I’ll lead your way this is true
Your guardian is watching over you

For I am your Angel from above
Looking down on you with love
Helping to guide your way each day
For God and I will lead the way

Inspiration for Story: A picture over my bed as a child and even now I have the same picture.