Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes

Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes
by Kristal Wick, Author, Designer and Instructor, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

One of my secrets of life is enjoying the holiday season ... EARLY! As kids we waited and waited, counting the days for the big guy's visit with the all important bag of goodies. Now, as adults, time passes so quickly and our lives are filled with the never-ending to do list, we sometimes look at the holiday season as a pain in the tush and can't wait for it to be over. What happened to the magic? The candy canes, the snowmen, Santa. When did it turn into a chore instead of a joy?

As I asked myself these questions, I found if I started planning for the holidays earlier than December 1st, with the flip of that last calendar page, I embraced the season so much more and could tap into the thrill I felt in the past! So, believe it or not, this year I started in June. With the heat in the triple digits I asked my beady peeps on Facebook to help with suggestions for getting into the holiday "zone." They responded with ideas such as holiday music, snow cones (from MaryLou Holvenstot), pretend you're celebrating the holidays in Hawaii where it would be warm anyway (from Beki Haley), Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten suggested planning for next year by sticking a snowball in the freezer this coming winter! Kelly Sommers told me to set up shop in my fridge and Stephanie Dixon's eggnog shooters made me LOL (Laugh Out Loud)! With all the great suggestions, I realized the joy of the holidays is about sharing my passion and love with my besties, so here are a few ideas to get you mulling over the holidays, and a nudge for starting early this year!

Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes

Deck Your Earlobe Party

Decorating mini Christmas trees is delightful and opens up so many ways to be creative. I decided to embrace my inner child and dive into decorating a tree using ornaments made from a favorite childhood activity: shrinkable plastic! The holidays are such a fun time to wear jewelry. With all the parties and office potlucks, you can never have too many holiday jewels (in my opinion). What better way to celebrate and be ready for wearing a new design at each event, as well as help your friends at the same time than to have a "Deck Your Earlobe Party?" Here's how: make a wide variety of Angel Earrings, Christmas tree earrings, little present earrings or shrinkable plastic earrings.

Use your earrings like ornaments and trim a mini tree. Invite your friends over for a fun pre-holiday party and let them pick their fave earrings from your earring tree.

First one to arrive gets the best selection!

Be sure to have your party around Thanksgiving so everyone can wear their earrings the whole month of December. If a guest doesn't want earrings, have a few necklace cords and large jumprings so you can quickly convert the earring finding to a necklace by removing the ear wire and adding a jumpring to the necklace.

Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes

Tis the Season of Sharing

While you're at it, make a few extra pairs of earrings and donate them to your favorite charity, animal shelter or silent auction event. Nothing feels better than giving back, plus its good karma! If you're interested in tying your jewelry to a specific cause see our ''Awareness Ribbons: Color and Cause Guide'' for specific colors and their causes. Add a charm dangling from earrings and voila; you've got the perfect package!

You can also have an "On Angel's Wings" potluck. Have your guests bring the yummies and libations and you make everyone the same angel jewelry such as Holly's Angel Earrings or Anita M. Russell's ''Then Sings My Soul Angel'' pin. Each guest selects their fave color from your offerings (be sure to order extra components and colors weeks before the party), and you make their jewelry right there "LIVE" while you all chatter, chew and chortle (chuckle gleefully). What a fun way to begin the holiday season!
Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes Falalalala and Deck Your Earlobes

Make up your own holiday celebration ritual for this coming season and have fun. Slow down, take some deep breaths, remember your journey and be in the present moment; it trumps arriving at the destination every time! You may never get "there," so have a ball on the ride!

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