Style Snapshot: Triangle Jewelry
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It may be hip to be square, but the style spotlight is pointing toward triangles as the must-have shape. Designers and stylists alike are enjoying a love affair with triangles, as this classic shape is showing up in jewelry, accessories and more. Derived from the current tribal trend, triangles offer clean lines, defined structure and can be stacked, layered or elongated for a multitude of stylish interpretations.

Start your own triangle-motif jewelry designs with a wide selection of triangle-shaped beads, pendants and jewelry-making components. There's a style for everyone in this trend with triangle shapes available in wood, crystal, metal and clay materials. Thanks to its simple geometric lines, the triangle lends itself well to extravagant colors, extreme sizes and over-the-top details.

Make a simple statement with a triangle-shaped Swarovski crystal pendant necklace, combine multiple triangle-shaped jumprings for dangly earrings or use Hill Tribes fine silver triangle-shaped beads and components for a more tribal-inspired look. Jewelry artists are also incorporating the triangle-inspired chevron pattern into beads and designs for a bold appearance.
Style Snapshot: Triangle Jewelry

Triangles are pleasing to the eye in jewelry designs since they naturally follow the "rule of three" design principle. The idea behind this principle is that objects grouped in odd numbers are more appealing and create more impact than even-numbered arrangements. Odd-numbered designs create harmony and force movement and visual interest. Triangles, along with other three-part symbols, can also represent the concept of past, present and future, or spirit, mind and body.

Point up or point down? The orientation of a triangle in a jewelry piece can bring additional meaning to the design. It is commonly believed that a point-up triangle represents stability because of its solid base and illustrates ascension toward the spiritual world. A point-down triangle shows a descent into the physical world. Point-up triangles are associated with a more masculine energy and point-down triangles represent a more feminine energy.

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View more triangle-motif jewelry for design inspiration.

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