Celestial Jewelry Designs

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by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Demand is on the rise for celestial-themed accessories as consumers are looking to express spirituality, magic, wonder and a mystical feel through jewelry. Popular in the 1990s, this motif is emerging again in the form of suns, moons, asteroids, stars and planets.

Design Idea A8F4 Necklace Celestial Jewelry Designs Celestial Jewelry Designs

Celestial motifs appeal to us for a variety of reasons. Like sailors of yore looking to the stars to guide their voyages, celestial motifs can serve as beacons to our wanderlust spirit. They represent the mystery of the unknown out there and are also symbolic of spiritual aspirations and the exploration of the universe within.

Celestial Jewelry Designs Celestial Jewelry Designs

Suns, moons and stars are hot design elements for bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets and necklaces for all seasons. This cosmic trend also includes astrology signs, clouds, comets, constellations, meteors and rainbows. Available in beads, charms, pendants, drops, clasps and more, these celestial-themed components can be the focal point of a piece, the primary theme or a pleasing accent.

Celestial Jewelry Designs Celestial Jewelry Designs Design Idea HA3X Necklace

Create pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, chandelier earrings with lots of star power or add a celestial-themed clasp to any piece. Choose from a wide selection of precious and plated metal in silver and gold, and antiqued metal finishes, for an infinite amount of looks and price points.

Celestial Jewelry Designs

Celestial Jewelry Designs

Blue and gold are the key colors in this celestial trend, representing a golden moon on a deep blue night sky. These colors explode into shades of orange, turquoise, yellow, red and metallics for stunning statements. Incorporate these colors into jewelry pieces using gemstones, Crystal Passions® crystals and Celestial Crystal® for an on-trend appearance.

Celestial Jewelry Designs Celestial Jewelry Designs

This trend also extends into natural elements such as semiprecious stones, gemstones and crystals. Celestial motifs combine with sapphire, citrine, turquoise, moonstone and lapis lazuli gemstones for out-of-this-world style.

Celestial Jewelry Designs

Stardust beads are popular as bright and shiny additions to designs and lava rock beads provide an extraterrestrial look to jewelry pieces.

Celestial Jewelry Designs Celestial Jewelry Designs Celestial Jewelry Designs

Designers are taking this celestial trend a step further by incorporating angels, fairies and goddesses into pieces. Find charms, pendants and more to add these sought-after motifs.

Top off any jewelry presentation with celestial-themed gift pouches, perfect for gifts and retail sales.

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