Debbie Macomber Shares Her Love of Angels with Others Through Novels

Angels have become a facet of everyday life, appearing in everything from wholesale beading to figurines. Perhaps it's their pure white wings and halos that attract people to them, or maybe it's their assumed higher powers. Whatever the reason may be for your love of angel beading, d├ęcor and collectibles, there is something out there to suit your tastes.

One way that people fulfill their love of angels is through reading. There are many books out there that are centered around angels and how they can allegedly affect the lives of mortals on Earth. One author who has written several books on these higher beings is Debbie Macomber. Here are just a few of her most renowned angel novels that you might want to read:

A Season of Angels
"A Season of Angels" was originally published in 1993, according to Macomber's official website, but remains one of her most popular angel novels today. This book features three comical angels who are spending time on Earth during the holiday season to help others through miracles: Shirley, Goodness and Mercy. However, their mission requires them to teach the mortals in need a lesson, before lending assistance.

Touched by Angels
The "Touched By Angels" novel also includes the protagonists Mercy, Shirley and Goodness. They are on a mission to help others on Earth around the holiday season. However, the plot of this book is centered around the angels' goal to help three deserving souls find hope in New York City.

Angels at the Table
"Angels at the Table" is the latest angel book to be published just in time for the holidays in 2012. This book brings back Mercy, Shirley and Goodness, but this time they have another angel with them--Will. As their apprentice, they allow him to try and work his magic on two lonely New Yorkers looking for love. However, the odds are against them when it becomes nearly impossible to get them to meet in time to spend the holidays together. As a result, the four angels have to work as one to make sure love finds these two individuals.

Whether you're a Debbie Macomber fan or you're simply looking for a way to indulge in your love of angels, reading is the perfect way. There is a large number of books out there that can help quell your craving.