Maintaining the Motivation Level of Your Employees

Operating a wholesale beading company takes passion and motivation, and while you may have plenty of it, your employees might be lacking. Entrepreneurs tend to naturally be inspired, leading them to turn their dreams into a profitable reality. However, there is no guarantee that the individuals you hire are going to be as motivated as you when it comes to working in this industry.

Whether you've chosen to hire close friends or outsiders, it can be difficult to stay on the same page as your staff, especially as it grows. While some of your employees may be eager to help you reach your goals early on, it isn't realistic to expect this motivation level to stay the same over time.

That being said, you don't have to sit idly by and let your employees lose interest in the overall mission and purpose of your beading company. There are a few ways that you can keep them engaged and happy to work with you over time.
Maintaining the Motivation Level of Your Employees
  • Asking the important questions

    Part of motivating your staff is letting them know you care about more than just their productivity in the workplace. The American Express Open Forum states that it's possible to do so through simply asking a few key questions--what do you see for your career in the future? How can I help you reach your goals?

    Although these may seem like unusual, personal questions, doing a bit of prying can help you hone in on each of your employee's skills and desires. Understanding what makes each person tick can help you bring out the best in your staff. In the end, this can translate into more productivity and potential success for your beading company.
  • Seeking feedback from employees

    In addition to getting more in-depth with each of your employees on a personal level, the Northeast Human Resources Association reports that it's equally important to make sure that you know where your staff's mindset is when it comes to your business. This means finding out what your employees think of your everyday operations, which can be done through methods as simple as leaving a feedback box in the office. You might also want to consider sending around a survey every few months to gauge the overall attitude of your employees. Two-way communication can help you nip any growing problems in the bud and improve your office culture as a whole.
  • Communicating over business matters

    While it's a good idea to seek feedback from your employees, it's also important for you to communicate with them and fulfill your end of the bargain. Forbes Magazine reports that keeping your staff in the loop is crucial to making sure everyone stays on the same level in regards to what's happening with your beading company.

    Some information you might want to share with your staff includes the future of your business, how you intend to redefine the company and any plans you have to restructure. It's also important to emphasize how each of your employees contributes to the success of your business.
  • Making meetings count

    The Globe and Mail reports that another way to make sure your employees stay engaged on a regular basis is to avoid bombarding them with too much information in meetings. While you might have a big agenda full of important notes, this can easily become overwhelming to your staff. To avoid turning meetings into dreadful get-togethers that provide little for your employees, keep things simple. In the end, your staff will appreciate it and may even take more away from your meetings.
  • Providing valuable resources

    Entrepreneur Magazine states that a lack of productivity and motivation among your employees may simply be due to the fact that they have little to work with--think about the resources you provide for your staff. Do they have enough to get the job done on a daily basis, or are they barely skating by? Making sure everyone is well-equipped can make a big difference when it comes to the success of your business.
  • Being open to casual discussion reports that employee engagement and teamwork arise when everyone can be open and honest--furthermore, it's important to provide individuals with the opportunity to discuss what's on their minds. Think about hosting more open forums and leader-oriented events to give everyone a chance to come together on the same page, and make sure everyone has the chance to talk.

    It can be difficult to keep your staff motivated and productive all at once, especially when you're busy handling the basics of operating a small business as a first-time entrepreneur. However, taking these tips into consideration can make sure everyone feels valued.