Five Tips for Improving Client Communication and Customer Satisfaction

As a beading company owner, you know how important it is to ensure your customers are happy on a regular basis. Whether you're concerned about how content your loyal patrons are or how satisfied new consumers are, there are a few ways you can improve upon your communication tactics with clients.

In the wholesale beading industry, there's more to making a profit than just offering quality goods and services. As it goes for other businesses in the retail industry, you'll need to spend an ample amount of time focusing on how you intend to maintain your customer retention rate. By convincing consumers to stick around, you'll ensure that you have a steady source of income. Here are a few tips on how you can potentially improve your customer service strategy and satisfy more consumers.
1. Stay open to feedback
If you're having difficulty honing in on why your customer satisfaction rate is so low, why not go to the source? American Express Open Forum recommends leaving contact information in your emails, for instance, so recipients can voice their opinions. If you have a storefront, create a feedback box where shoppers can fill out a small form and provide feedback on their experience.

While it might be intimidating to receive feedback from your clients, it's important to stay on top of what they're thinking in order to consistently make improvements as a beading company. Some feedback may be good, some may be bad, but the key point to remember is that it can all be viewed in a constructive manner to benefit your business.

2. Be an active listener
Whether you're talking to your customers casually on the phone or trying to make a sale at your storefront, states that it's crucial to be an active listener. If the person you're speaking to feels like he or she is talking to a brick wall, you run the chance of offending the individual and one simple message comes across: you're not interested.

It takes little effort to be an active listener--smile, nod and affirm the statements the person is making as he or she speaks to you. Knowing that you're listening can make a world of difference when it comes to meshing with the client and increasing the chances of the individual coming back for more.

3. Avoid interrupting
On a similar note, you'll want to avoid interrupting the person you're speaking to--after all, you wouldn't appreciate being interrupted. By allowing the customer to get his or her thoughts out in the open in one segment, you can let the individual know that you truly care about what he or she has to say.

Some people take offense to being interrupted, meaning that avoiding it at all costs can help you keep your relationship from hitting the rocks. Once the customer or client is finished talking, you can put in your two cents.

4. Stay away from technical lingo
There are some words and phrases in the beading and retail industries that the average person simply might not understand. That being said, it's important to be sensitive to the individual you're speaking to and keep this factor in mind as your conversation progresses.

Using terms and phrases that the client doesn't understand might make him or her feel inexperienced or embarrassed, which can leave a bad taste in the individual's mouth. Furthermore, a one-way conversation is not an effective way to communicate your message to a customer--what good is your discussion if he or she doesn't understand what you're trying to say?

5. Use social media to your advantage
Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter keep you connected to your clients over the Internet, and they can serve as valuable tools for receiving feedback and regularly communicating with your customers.

Whether you consistently reply to posts on your social networking profiles or you prefer to sit back and watch the comments come in, the internet can be an efficient way to talk to your clients and find out how they really feel. Try to keep track of the type of responses you're receiving and reply to those who seem to want an answer to their feedback or question. This can potentially improve your customer retention rate as well.
Even though it can be a bit challenging at times to talk to your customers and view everything from their perspective, making an effort comes with its benefits. By doing so, you can show your clients you truly care about improving client satisfaction and providing the best beading in the industry. Whether your client relationships are rocky or you simply want to improve upon your ties to consumers, these tips can help you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.