Flower Statement Necklaces in Full Bloom for Spring 2013

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by Leslie McLane, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Design Idea 6B06 Necklace It's that time of year again--time for spring cleaning and new fashion trends. Allow your jewelry lines to grow this season with large and in charge flower statement necklaces. Anything but dainty, these necklaces are in full bloom and are causing quite a buzz on the runway.

While flowers are not an entirely new idea for spring lines, designers are making blossoms fresh and exciting with dimensionally interesting, unusual and giant blooms. Whether your customers prefer single-strand, bib-style, open-ended neck rings or any other variety of neck wear, it shouldn't be without a bouquet of 2013 springtime fashion. Simply pair your garden of ideas with vibrant gemstones, pearls or metal tones to sow and reap the fashion-forward benefits. Or, even make one-of-a-kind flowers out of these same materials.

For more conservative fashionistas, the flower statement necklace can still be successfully cultivated with a single, large flower focal. Take inspiration from designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Gucci who are incorporating bold color schemes with flowers set off by, or matching, a springtime color palette.

No need to seek out a florist, anyone can be a gardener with this trend. Create your own ''Flower Choker Necklace'' from this how-to video and illustrated instructions with the faceted sparkle of Swarovski crystal. Stay true to nature's inspiration and use organic materials to make a ''Leather Flowers Necklace'' or include lace and ribbon for extra texture. Attach oversized sew-on components or bundle smaller flowers for big spring fashion. Let natural flowers shine at the center of designs or get inspired to create your own flowery fantasies with Kato Polyclay™ and metal clays. Bolster your springtime inventory with premade flower jewelry from the Fire Mountain Gems Everyday Jewelry™ and Create Compliments® lines. Accent the statement necklace with more delicate earrings and accessories to make sure your floral creations are at the center of attention. Feel feminine and bold with this iconic springtime fashion, and remember flowers aren't just for vases; they're the perfect fashion complement.

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