Design Idea C65W
by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

For centuries, the locket has been a way to keep loved ones close to the wearer’s heart. No piece of jewelry is more personal or has the potential to create a stronger emotional connection, and locket-making possibilities are as limitless and varied as the people who wear them.

Design Idea C65W Necklcace We’ve all seen movies or read books in which the face inside a locket provides vital emotional support during a time of need. Lockets have long accompanied soldiers to battlefields around the world, and an online search will find images of lockets created for various branches of the military during WWI and WWII. For those of us with loved ones in the armed services, lockets maintain relationship bonds like no other jewelry item can, both overseas and on the home front.

Lockets make ideal Mother’s Day gifts, whether given to mom herself or to those who wish to remember her always. The traditional heart-shaped locket is a charming "forget-me-not" gift between sweethearts--it’s a natural for Valentine’s Day. Themed lockets can mark anniversaries, graduations, vacations and more. Birth lockets can be embellished with flat back birthstones and contain photos of baby, parents, proud grandparents, godparents and siblings. Marriage lockets can hold a photo of the happy couple and a piece of wedding-day rice.

The traditional locket is fashioned with a loop so it can be featured in either necklace or bracelet designs and can even be grouped on chain or cord alongside components that work to tell a personal story. Immortalize a beloved pooch with photos and a doggie charm; remember junior’s first Little League home run; create a keepsake to mark a fabulous girl’s night out, a holiday gathering or a family reunion.

Lockets are a beautiful way to close the miles between family and friends by helping us to share and "be there" in a personalized creative style.

Jewelry designs that incorporate pictures and other mementoes need not be limited to the traditional hinged metal locket. Photos can be transferred to various components using Omni-Gel™ liquid and images can be sandwiched between mica sheets, sealed under clear-glass cabochons or set between slides held in place with soldered copper-foil tape.

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