The Modern Locket

Project J12H Necklace and Earrings
by Susanne, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

The modern locket is the perfect way to customize designs with one-of-a-kind sentiments. Locket jewelry is sought after for milestone gifts, celebratory occasions, weddings and more.

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The Modern Locket

Heart Lockets

For centuries, the locket has been a way to keep loved ones close to the wearer's heart. The heart locket is one of the most personal pieces of jewelry for women, holding loved ones and special sentiments inside.

The Modern Locket The Modern Locket

Heart lockets can be incorporated into necklaces and bracelets. They work with chain or cord, alone or alongside beads. Add gemstone beads as birthstones, cultured freshwater pearls, filigree beads or small charms with special meaning.

Heart lockets can be embellished with Crystal PassionsĀ® flat-back rhinestones for more personalization and meaning. Fill heart lockets with photos and other special memories of momentous celebrations.

Floating Lockets

Glass float lockets, also known as shaker pendants, with magnetic closures make it easy to add photos, images, inspirational messages, beads, charms and more. Add Crystal Passions® beads or seed beads in birthstone colors, charms of special interests and hobbies, and any other tiny keepsakes. Add glass float lockets to simple beaded necklaces, a minimalist chain or even bridal bouquets.

The Modern Locket The Modern Locket

Cages and Aromatherapy Lockets

Use caged pendants and aromatherapy lockets to create jewelry that appeals to believers of the metaphysical and essential oils. These jewelry-making components allow customers to infuse their own fragrance into jewelry by inserting essential oil-dipped felt inserts or lava stone as diffusers. These cutout designs can also be filled with chime balls, gemstone chips and more.

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The Modern Locket The Modern Locket The Modern Locket

Watertight Chamber Pendants

Watertight chamber pendants let you save meaningful ashes, locks of hair and other small keepsakes close to your heart. A silicone seal keeps the contents protected from moisture. This is a stylish way to memorialize loved ones and furry friends. Designs can also be personalized with additional charms and birthstones for a custom sentiment.

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The Modern Locket The Modern Locket The Modern Locket

Bottle Charms

Bottle up the best times with bottle charm necklaces. These bottles can be strung as pendants or wire-wrapped. Fill them with tiny treasures, handwritten notes, sand from a special trip, beads or dried flowers.

Item Number A6877FN Glass Bottle Component Item Number A6877FN Glass Bottle Component
The Modern Locket The Modern Locket

Watch-Body Lockets

These classic pocket-watch components are perfect for vintage-inspired and steampunk designs. They can be used as lockets, handbag embellishments, brooches and more. Create with Resin, EnviroTex Jewelry Resin, 2-part, found objects or beads and personal mementos to share your story.

Watch Bodies The Modern Locket The Modern Locket

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