Heart Motifs: Much More than a Valentine's Day Staple

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by Roberta Grace, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

"Hearts have forever represented eternal love and affection. Since these are feelings we want to have around us all the time, it seems like flaunting heart motifs in accessories is a no-brainer. Show who you love, or that you are loved, with a big heart."
- Accessories magazine
Design Idea 73EG Bracelet The heart has long been recognized as a symbol of love, charity, joy and compassion in all the major cultures. In ancient Greece, the heart sign was associated with Eros, the god of love and desire. In the Modern Era, the interpretation has become more generalized as simply representing a loving emotion.

Gifts of heart-themed jewelry are mainly associated with romance and courtship. It is natural for jewelry makers to incorporate heart elements into jewelry lines intended for the "amorous suitor" market.

Heart shapes can also convey innocence, endearment and familial love. For these gift-giving occasions, jewelry designs with hearts are created for mothers, friends, children and even pets! The color of the heart is also symbolic. Here's a quick review of commonly held meanings:

  • Blue--loyalty and tranquility

  • Green--fertility, peace, healing

  • Red--passionate romance

  • Pink--friendship

  • White--purity and innocence

  • Yellow--happiness and optimism

  • Purple--mystical and regal
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Designing with Hearts

Heart Beads and Components There are no limits to love. Similar to the wide variety of loving emotions, heart shapes can be found in precious and plated metal, crystal, acrylic and more. Jewelry designed with heart themes can invoke a loving feeling that lifts spirits and spreads joy. It's a feel-good way to accessorize. Jewelry creations featuring hearts can truly capture loving sentiments for designs that are sure to please.

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