Look! Beaded Eyeglass Holders
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

In the world of design there is a saying, "form follows function," which loosely means the way something is supposed to work determines the shape it will take. For example, a shovel. But let's face it, as effective as a shovel is for digging ditches, it's not very pretty, sexy or fun ... it's merely, um, functional. On the other hand, clothes are functional as they protect you from the elements, and they can also be lots of fun.

Jewelry performs many subtle functions in addition to decoration but as far as practical applications, it's usually considered by most people as little more than "a pretty face at the party." Here's where fun meets function in the jewelry world: beaded eyeglass holders.

Eyeglass Holder The plain-Jane chain or cord you're using to keep your eyeglasses close at hand in front of you practically screams out for transformation; for personalization. As our resident panel of Ask The Experts have discussed on our website, you can transform any single-strand necklace design into an eyeglass holder simply by crimping an eyeglass holder finding to your beading wire instead of to a clasp.

The Experts point out that another idea is to design a single-strand necklace that is finished with a toggle clasp or hanging loop that can be worn in front. Loop one arm of your glasses through the toggle clasp or loop and you have a stylish alternative to the traditional eye-glass holder.

Beaded eyeglass holders make fun and easy gifts because one size fits all. Of course, it's up to you to personalize the necklace or find a suitable finding that will suit the gift recipient.

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